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3 August 2015 Edition

McGuinness meets White House on Stormont crisis

3 August 2015

AS WE GO TO PRINT, Sinn Féin MLA and deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness is returning to Ireland from a two-day visit to the United States to win support for a resolution to the crisis threatening the political institutions in the North. Free article

Irish Water fiasco – European ruling leaves Government with egg on its face

3 August 2015

THE Fine Gael and Labour Government has been left with “egg on its face” after a ruling by European statistics agency Eurostat on 28 July found that Irish Water cannot be considered a standalone company and therefore it cannot be kept off the Government’s balance sheet. Free article

Water Charges – Pearse Doherty – Q&A with Mark Moloney

3 August 2015

Sinn Féin in Government – we will abolish household Water Charges Free article

Gerry Adams and the IRA raid on the Irish Independent

3 August 2015

THE Press Council has upheld a complaint by Gerry Adams that the Irish Independent distorted comments he made in relation to the newspaper during a speech in New York last November. Free article

Activist and Guardian columnist Owen Jones: ‘I’m a passionate believer in a united Ireland’

3 August 2015

IT WAS ALL GO in the beautiful Gaeltacht village of Baile Bhuirne in west Cork at the end of June for the 6th annual Sinn Féin Summer School. The event, which always features an impressive array of speakers, has become a calendar favourite for many and was opened this year by newly-elected Cork Mayor Chris O’Leary, who is the first Sinn Féin Mayor of the city in 90 years. Premium service article

Dundalk’s decades of dedication

3 August 2015

THE BORDER TOWN of Dundalk, County Louth, will host the National Hunger Strike Commemoration on 23 August this year, marking its 34th anniversary. Many republicans from all over the country and beyond will visit Dundalk, perhaps for the first time, so it’s worth recalling the important role the town has played in the republican struggle down through the years. Free article

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Westminster meeting hears call for a ‘Coalition for Reconciliation’ – Jayne Fisher

3 August 2015

A PACKED MEETING in Westminster’s Portcullis House on 14 July heard a wide-ranging discussion, led by Sinn Féin National Chairperson Declan Kearney, on the theme “Uncomfortable Conversations – Towards a Dialogue on Reconciliation”. Free article

Collusion – Belfast to Bahrain

3 August 2015

SINCE 2011, Bahrain has seen plenty of political turmoil with many of its citizens calling for reform, democracy and universal suffrage. The Shia majority within the state is marginalised and treated as second-class citizens in strong contrast with the Sunni minority, the same religion as the royal family. Since this began to occur, the level of harassment and attacks that Shia Muslims have faced at the hands of pro-government militias has increased tenfold. We can see history repeating itself and comparisons between the North of Ireland during the 1970s/1980s and Bahrain today. Free article

What lessons should we learn from the Greek defeat?

3 August 2015

THE CAPITULATION of the Greek Government to the completely vindictive and unrealistic demands of the European Union and the Eurozone finance ministers has naturally been seized upon by reactionaries here to pretend that this proves there is no alternative to austerity. Premium service article

Shocked, disorientated and in mourning

3 August 2015

THE WISDOM OF TAXI DRIVERS is almost universal, and Athens is no exception. Again and again, taxi drivers told the same story. They rubbished the deal imposed on Greece by her creditors but believed that Alexis Tsipras was their best hope. Premium service article

Sinn Féin shows leadership attending British Legion remembrance ceremony

3 August 2015

SINN FÉIN figures – Assembly Speaker Mitchel McLaughlin, Belfast Mayor Arder Carson and Ard-Mhéara Bhaile Átha Cliath Críona Ní Dhálaigh – laid wreaths at a ceremony in Dublin in July to commemorate the dead of the first and second World Wars. Free article

Lessons for Irish progressives from Greece and Spain

3 August 2015

SYRIZA took power in Greece; Podemos has risen to prominence in Spain. The following outlines six lessons that I believe progressives in Ireland should consider to be successful electorally. Premium service article

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