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The death of Michael Gaughan

31 May 2024

IN JUNE 1974, Ireland was in turmoil as the Troubles were in their fifth year. In the Six Counties, internment without trial was in force and the British Army was on the rampage throughout nationalist areas. Free article

Raymond McCreesh and Patsy O’Hara – Died on hunger strike in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh, 21 May 1981

20 May 2024

THURSDAY, 21 MAY 1981, witnessed the deaths of two more Hunger Strikers. Raymond McCreesh passed away at 2:30am. That evening, Patsy O’Hara died. The deaths of Raymond and Patsy – who had started the strike on the same day, died on the same day and were born within a fortnight of each other in February 1957 – marked a critical escalation in the prison struggle as well as the struggle outside the prisons walls. Free article

A hugely powerful film

15 May 2024

Film review: ‘May-17-74 Anatomy of a Massacre’. Directed by Joe Lee, produced by Fergus Dowd with Justice for the Forgotten. Free article

Francis Hughes – Died on 12 May 1981 on hunger strike in the H-Blocks

10 May 2024

The death of Francis Hughes at the age of 25 on hunger strike in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh saw not the end of a legend but a new chapter in what was, by any measure, the story of one of the most fearless and tenacious guerrilla fighters of the 20th Century and of the Irish Republican Army. Free article

Remembering 1981: Bobby Sands election

9 April 2024

“Sands, Bobby. Anti H-Block/Armagh Political Prisoner, 30,492”. These words of election returning officer Alastair Patterson, became in 1981 the live televised public proof of the power of republican voters. Bobby Sands was elected MP for Fermanagh-South Tyrone 43 years ago on 9 April 1981. We republish two unique first-hand accounts of the events that led to Sands victory from Jim Gibney and Danny Morrison. Free article

The 1916 Proclamation

30 March 2024

Éirí Amach na Cásca – The 1916 Easter Rising – First published in Éiri amach na Cásca, The Easter Rising 1916, by Republican Publications, April 1986 Free article

Irish Times corrected on burial of hunger striker Frank Stagg

29 March 2024

A serious inaccuracy in the Irish Times concerning the burial of Frank Stagg has been corrected by Danny Morrison. In its obituary of Frank’s brother the late Emmet Stagg, former Labour Party TD, the newspaper omitted the hijacking and burial of Frank’s body by the Fine Gael/Labour government and gave the wrong location for that first burial. Free article

Remembering Thomas McGuigan

22 March 2024

An Phoblacht would have been helpless without its drivers. They delivered the paper all over Ireland in challenging dangerous conditions. Earlier this month we were saddened to learn of the death of Thomas McGuigan, one of these valiant republican road warriors. Free article

British ‘Legacy Law’ buries families’ hope for truth and justice

29 February 2024

An Phoblacht’s Peadar Whelan looks at the British Government’s agenda in passing the Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Act 2023, whose purpose is to conceal the role of not only Britain’s armed forces in the conflict in Ireland, but also the brutal and deadly counter-insurgency war waged against the nationalist community during those years. Free article

Kitson’s legacy of murder and collusion

29 February 2024

The recent death of former British Army officer General Frank Kitson prompted a series of obituaries, and in some cases eulogies. Two words cross these accounts of Kitson’s life – ‘controversial’ and ‘notorious’. Free article

What does the spirit of 1798 mean today?

29 February 2024

‘Who fears to speak of ’98’ has been the mantra down the years, spoken softly with republican passion of days gone by. A distant memory lost somewhere in time, but never really forgotten. A cry of unfinished business, a desire that burns deep into the very soul of those who believe in the unity of ‘Protestant, Catholic, and Dissenter’ across our island as it did in that hot summer of 1798. Free article

Britain's death squads 1989

13 February 2024

THE late 1980s saw an escalation in the use of death squads by the British regime in the Six Counties. Since the start of the 1970s, the British Army and the RUC had manipulated loyalist paramilitary organisations as part of their counter-insurgency strategy. The aim was to terrorise the entire nationalist population, killing Catholics solely because of their religion or perceived political allegiances and, where possible, assassinating leading nationalists and republicans. Free article

Double blow to censorship

10 January 2024

IN JANUARY 1994, the armed conflict in the Six Counties was at a critical stage. The previous year had seen the deaths of 84 people in the war and, while there was some political movement, it was by no means clear that a peace process could be put in place to end the armed conflict and to address its root causes. Free article

Shane MacGowan: A troubadour for the Irish in London

30 November 2023

“The Pogues were also unashamedly abrasive and political, at a time when being political about Ireland in Britain was no easy task”. Joe Dwyer offers a tribute to Pogues lead singer Shane MacGowan whose death was announced today. Free article

Gerry Adams elected president of Sinn Féin

30 November 2023

We asked Jim Gibney to reflect on the 40th anniversary of Gerry Adams's election as Sinn Féin President in November 1983. He talked with two other republican veterans, Danny Morrison and Richard McAuley. Here is Jim’s personal insight, with the input of those two lifelong activists who were there for the key events over the last 40 years. Free article

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