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3 August 2015 Edition

Water Charges – Pearse Doherty – Q&A with Mark Moloney

3 August 2015

Sinn Féin in Government – we will abolish household Water Charges Free article

Slán le Séamus Mhicil Tom

3 August 2015

BAINEADH stangadh asam le déanaí nuair a chuala mé go raibh Diarmuid Mac an Adhastair básaithe. Bheadh aithne ag formhór Gaeilgeoirí na tíre ar Dhiarmuid as a pháirt mar Shéamuis Mhicil Tom sa sobaldhrama ar TG4 – Ros na Rún. Premium service article

Gerry Adams and the IRA raid on the Irish Independent

3 August 2015

THE Press Council has upheld a complaint by Gerry Adams that the Irish Independent distorted comments he made in relation to the newspaper during a speech in New York last November. Free article

Ireland’s last acceptable racism

3 August 2015

Love/Hate star JOHN CONNORS on the vilification of the Traveller community and the campaign for ethnic recognition Free article

The Hooded Men – Revealing the truth behind the torture

3 August 2015

WHEN An Phoblacht’s PEADAR WHELAN reviewed Collusion, the special feature-length RTÉ television documentary broadcast on 15 June, he concluded that for people to fully understand the implications of collusion between the British Government, the British Army, British Intelligence and RUC and unionist death squads, they must look at the “thread of continuity” that runs through successive British administrations, the Civil Service and the Intelligence services as well as the judicial and legal apparatus. Premium service article

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Collusion – Belfast to Bahrain

3 August 2015

SINCE 2011, Bahrain has seen plenty of political turmoil with many of its citizens calling for reform, democracy and universal suffrage. The Shia majority within the state is marginalised and treated as second-class citizens in strong contrast with the Sunni minority, the same religion as the royal family. Since this began to occur, the level of harassment and attacks that Shia Muslims have faced at the hands of pro-government militias has increased tenfold. We can see history repeating itself and comparisons between the North of Ireland during the 1970s/1980s and Bahrain today. Free article

What lessons should we learn from the Greek defeat?

3 August 2015

THE CAPITULATION of the Greek Government to the completely vindictive and unrealistic demands of the European Union and the Eurozone finance ministers has naturally been seized upon by reactionaries here to pretend that this proves there is no alternative to austerity. Premium service article

Shocked, disorientated and in mourning

3 August 2015

THE WISDOM OF TAXI DRIVERS is almost universal, and Athens is no exception. Again and again, taxi drivers told the same story. They rubbished the deal imposed on Greece by her creditors but believed that Alexis Tsipras was their best hope. Premium service article

Lessons for Irish progressives from Greece and Spain

3 August 2015

SYRIZA took power in Greece; Podemos has risen to prominence in Spain. The following outlines six lessons that I believe progressives in Ireland should consider to be successful electorally. Premium service article

Dundalk Women’s Refuge

3 August 2015

A YEAR AGO it looked like the Dundalk Women’s Refuge County Louth would be forced to close due to massive cuts which saw their budget slashed by up to 75%. A ‘Government National Directive’ to the local authority decimated the Section 10 funding to the Refuge, making it impossible for them to continue as a frontline service for women and children experiencing domestic and sexual violence. Free article

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