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Will the euro survive?

Will The Euro Survive

The people of Greece have just held their second general election in a few months and public opinion is fairly evenly divided between those opposed to the current 'bailout' terms and those willing to accept it.   Spain is also coming under increasing pressure on the financial markets with many analysts suggesting it is only a matter of time before the government in Madrid has to look for a 'bailout'.  So what now for the single currency?

Poll Results:

Total votes: 450

  • Yes – the euro will survive in to the future: 103 (22.9%)
  • Yes – the euro will survive but only as currency of core countries: 91 (20.2%)
  • No – the euro will be gone before end of 2012: 44 (9.8%)
  • No – the euro will struggle on for this year but will be gone before 2015: 212 (47.1%)

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