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25 November 2021 Edition

We must stand up for our language

25 November 2021

If there is a theme to this issue of An Phoblacht, it is about when governments fail and the power of simple, honest people-driven activism takes over. We have articles that touch on a range of government failures; whether it the looming implications of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) being negotiated by the EU with Canada, the British Government response to Bloody Sunday, and the long campaign by relatives of the victims for justice. Free article

The roadmap for government

25 November 2021

Three years as a senator, and nearly 12 as a TD for Donegal going head to head with three different Finance Ministers has honed Pearse Doherty’s economic policy skills leaving him ready for Sinn Féin in government. An Phoblacht’s Robbie Smyth sat down with Pearse to talk Budgets, radical policies, and being a messenger for the people. Free article

Just Transition Commission needed

25 November 2021

COP26 took place in Glasgow from 1 to 12 November. A COP or ‘Conference of Parties’ takes place annually, involving all states that are party to the ‘United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’. COP26 is the 26th such summit. Free article

A government for the people

25 November 2021

Jim Gibney reads Mary Lou McDonald’s Ard Fheis speech and discusses the new reality that Irish political culture is being radically changed and that Sinn Féin is in the lead of that radicalisation. Free article

Ard Fheis ar leith do Bhliain ar leith

25 November 2021

Ba í Ard Fheis Shinn Féin 2021 an chéad seans a bhí ag an gcuid is mó againn castáil le comrádaithe dár gcuid ó cheann ceann na tíre. Murab ionann agus Ard Fheiseanna eile, bhí de dheis agamsa gach duine a tháinig chomh fada leis an Helix, nach mór, a fheiceáil ó tharla mé ag freastal ar an doras tosaigh ó mhaidin mar chuid d’fhoireann an pháirtí. Is cinnte gur thaitnigh sé liom i bhfad ní b’fhearr ná na seacht n-uaire a chaith mé ag coinneáil súil ar dhoras éigeandála taobh thiar den TF i gCaisleán an Bharraigh lár mhí Aibreáin i 2012, an lá céanna ar bhain mé 21 bhliain d’aois amach. Duine ná deoraí a casadh orm an lá sin nó gurbh éigean dom an doras a oscailt leis na príomhchainteoirí a scaoileadh amach ag an deireadh ar fad. Ní gan chúis a thugtar “streachailt” ar an bhfeachtas ar son saoirse na hÉireann. Free article

The shame of our linguicidal state

25 November 2021

The Irish Government fights for English-only language policy, even as EU set to make Irish fully official in January 2022 Free article

Wales shows the way on language standards

25 November 2021

Welsh Language Commissioner Aled Roberts explains how a model of language standards transformed the consistency and quality of how public institutions provide Welsh language services. Free article

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Reforming the fiscal rules: a radical shift or short shrift?

25 November 2021

The EU Commission has relaunched its review of the Eurozone’s fiscal rules. Announced with something of a whisper, expect a lot of raised voices in the coming months. The rules were thankfully suspended at Covid’s onset and won’t return until 2023. Free article

European voices for unity will be heard

25 November 2021

Martina Anderson outlines the ambitious scale of work in her new appointment as Sinn Féin’s Representative to Europe. Free article

A slow-motion earthquake

25 November 2021

We need 100% redress for our families with crumbling homes. Sinn Féin TD Pádraig Mac Lochlainn writes on the personal experiences of those directly affected by the ongoing Mica and Pyrite scandal Free article

To end division we must end Partition

25 November 2021

It’s been a bad time for some newspaper columnists and broadcasters. Recent months witnessed an ill-judged pile-on by a group of Dublin-based commentators against President Michael D Higgins in the wake of his decision to decline an invitation to a church service in Armagh marking Partition and the establishment of the 'Northern Ireland' state. Free article

CETA: Is this how the republic dies?

25 November 2021

Barry Finnegan unravels the intricacies and implications of the EU’s proposed Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) with Canada and its Investor Court System that could cost the Irish taxpayer tens of billions of euro. Free article

The politics behind An Phoblacht’s podcast series

25 November 2021

Back in 2016, Lynn Boylan commissioned a study into the high level of concentration in the Irish media. The report was damning and concluded that the 26 Counties has one of the most concentrated media markets of any democracy with RTÉ and private business owner Denis O’Brien identified as the two dominant actors. Free article

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