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20 May 2021 Edition

The Risen People

20 May 2021

1981 was a pivotal year in the history of modern Irish republican struggle. More than a decade after the maelstrom years of the civil rights movement, the pogroms of 1969, and the collapse of one party unionism, Irish republicans were under siege on many fronts. Free article

An inhuman assault on innocent people

20 May 2021

Palestinian Ambassador to Ireland Dr Jilan Wahba Abdalmajid writes for 'An Phoblacht' on Israel’s latest deadly attacks Free article

Irreversible change

20 May 2021

Conor Keenan reflects on the changing political landscape in the Six Counties and the challenge for political unionism to embrace positive change Free article

Community Wealth Building – A First Primer

20 May 2021

In March, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar celebrated the South’s 3.4% GDP growth, stating that we’re “the only economy in the European Union, and one of the few economies in the world, which actually grew last year”. In fact, we were the fastest growing economy in the world. Free article

Saying 'No' to the low wage precarious economy

20 May 2021

Community Wealth Building offers a practical means of transforming local economies Free article

Stát 'dátheangach' nach féidir Bille nua Teanga a achtú i gceart: Béalghrá, áiféal agus moilleadóireacht sa Choiste Gaeilge Dála

20 May 2021

Is i ndiaidh a chéile a thógtar na caisleáin, ach is minic nach mbíonn fágtha ach fothrach. Free article

The workers’ voice is central in shaping a new Ireland

20 May 2021

Writing in a personal capacity, ICTU president and the Northern Secretary of the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation Gerry Murphy outlines the mission of Trade Unionists for a New and United Ireland. Free article

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Time for confident leaders and pride of place

20 May 2021

We live in a place unrecognisable from 23 years ago, where the passage of time is only just beginning to heal the hurt and repair the damage. A country where a new generation of young people untainted and often unfamiliar with the past grow up with the same hopes, dreams, and aspirations of their peers in the Republic of Ireland or in Great Britain. A generation of young people who are our greatest asset and our greatest opportunity. Free article

A year of worker resistance at Debenhams

20 May 2021

One year ago, when many of us were facing into COVID lockdown, Debenhams workers faced a real David and Goliath struggle. Free article

The power of art

20 May 2021

Lee Hamill makes the case for the artist as a revolutionary activist who is in a unique position to facilitate the conversation on the nuts and bolts of what unity will look like, addressing the systemic inequalities in Irish society and the transformative impact that unity could have Free article

The Road to Partition

20 May 2021

Tom Hartley outlines the keys steps in how Partition came to be a dreaded reality in 1921 Free article

Time to build a new Ireland, one without walls

20 May 2021

Filmmaker Seán Murray considers the impact of a centenary of Partition from the shadow of Belfast’s ‘Peace Wall’ in Clonard Free article

The power of change is in our hands

20 May 2021

New Dublin Sinn Féin Trade Union Group formed Free article

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