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1 May 2019 Edition

A united Ireland in our lifetime

1 May 2019

This is the goal for all Irish republicans. But let’s be clear what this united Ireland is not. It is not some utopian dream of a magical mystical green island, where political unity magically wipes the slate clean of the many inequalities, injustices, problems and issues undermining society north and south. Creating a better Ireland is going to be a difficult task. Free article

The Battle for Survival of Rural Ireland

1 May 2019

No One Shouted Stop: Death of an Irish Town was the 1988 title of Irish Times journalist John Healy’s seminal book dealing with the decline of Charlestown, a town in East Mayo familiar to anyone who has travelled the N17 from Sligo to Galway. The book was particularly concerned with this case study of social and economic degeneration in the west, but also the destructive impact of emigration on the vitality of rural communities more generally. Free article

The economics of a united Ireland economy

1 May 2019

Pearse Doherty, the Sinn Féin spokesperson on Finance and Public Expenditure outlines the economic challenges facing the island economy as a result of Brexit. Pearse makes the case for a referendum on Irish unity with the prize of a transformation in economic policy across the island, and a democratic people centred united Ireland economy the centrepiece of a new Ireland. Free article

A New Ireland where all feel respected and welcome

1 May 2019

There is nothing inevitable about Irish unity. How many movements in history have wrongly predicted the obviousness of their desired outcome? How many political struggles end in failure? Achieving the unity of this island remains a formidable challenge; the obstacles are still huge. Free article

Imagining a New Ireland – an appeal from the tradition of Protestant dissent

1 May 2019

Let us be clear from the beginning. I was brought up on Belfast’s Shankill Road throughout the worst of the troubles. My cultural and political reference points – neither monarchist nor Loyalist – draw from the Labour movement and British working-class values. Free article

Imagining a New Ireland – making the vision a reality

1 May 2019

Brought up on the Shankill, an Irishman, neither monarchist nor loyalist, aspiring to an agreed 32-county unitary state and urging Sinn Féin to focus our efforts on making any new Ireland a truly inclusive and just socialist Republic for all. Free article

We are on the path to a free – all-Ireland National Health Service

1 May 2019

Sinn Féin MLA and party Assembly spokesperson on Health Pat Sheehan outlines the shared challenges and opportunities facing the providers of health care services across the island. Free article

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We need more than a border poll – we need a new country

1 May 2019

Writing in a personal capacity MANDATE Communications Officer David Gibney, outlines the economic and social foundations that need to be built for a truly just, equal and democratic Ireland to be become possible. Free article

Ceist Teanga in Éirinn Aontaithe

1 May 2019

Conor D McGuinness: an féidir an Ghaeilge a athbheochan in Éirinn nua Free article

Now what was the question?

1 May 2019

The united Ireland question – Robbie Smyth outlines the history of the Irish news media’s united Ireland fixation in opinion poll surveys. Free article

Ar thairseach an athraithe

1 May 2019

Johnny McGibbon ar chuid de na mórdhúshláin roimh an náisiúnachas Free article

Postcards from a New Republic

1 May 2019

Sinn Féin lead the campaign to readmit Britain to the EU post the economic collapse that Brexit wreaks on the British economy. All from the mind of Sinead Ni Bhroin. Free article

Brexit has internationalised the issue of partition

1 May 2019

Writing from Brussels, Brian Carty explains the behind the scenes manoeuvres around the Brexit negotiations. Free article

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