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1 May 2019 Edition

Now what was the question?

1 May 2019

The united Ireland question – Robbie Smyth outlines the history of the Irish news media’s united Ireland fixation in opinion poll surveys. Free article

Brexit has internationalised the issue of partition

1 May 2019

Writing from Brussels, Brian Carty explains the behind the scenes manoeuvres around the Brexit negotiations. Free article

Why we still need – International Women’s Day

1 May 2019

Megan Fearon spells out why, “We can’t be “a bit equal”, equality is an all or nothing concept”. Free article

An all island 'Green New Deal' on climate change is possible

1 May 2019

‘No element of life on earth will be untouched by climate change’. Megan Fearon makes the case for an all-Ireland Green New Deal. Free article

With 311 dead so far in 2019 the EU’s response to migration has been utterly harrowing

1 May 2019

Refugees, asylum seekers and migrants are being cut adrift in the Mediterranean. Men women and children, already incredibly isolated, scared and vulnerable are being completely abandoned by those who claim to be EU leaders.

Under international law, people in distress at sea must be promptly rescued and taken to a sanctuary of safety and shelter. Instead, we are witnessing European... Free article

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