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2 March 2014 Edition

Garda scandals reveal urgent need for change

2 March 2014

SINCE late 2012, many accusations have come into the public domain surrounding the practices of senior members of An Garda Síochána, including the alleged bugging of the offices of the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) and the whistleblower controversy. Free article

Shatter must go – but so must Callinan too

2 March 2014

THE significant thing about the Shatter and bugging controversies is not the facts themelves – distorted, proven or alleged – but how the Government and the majority of the Establishment have reacted to them. Free article

Pobal na Gaeilge ‘Dearg le Fearg’

2 March 2014

BHÍODAR ann ó chian agus ó chóngar lena míshastacht a léiriú leis an gcaoi a bhfuil an rialtas ag caitheamh le pobal na gaeilge. Bhí idir óg agus aosta ann, cainteoirí dúchais, daoine líofa, foghlaimeoirí agus lucht tacaíochta. Léiriú dearfach, spleodrach ar neart phobal na Gaeilge agus an tacaíocht láidir atá ann dár dteanga dhúchais. Premium service article

42 years later – Irish Government backs Ballymurphy Massacre justice campaign

2 March 2014

AN TAOISEACH Enda Kenny and the Irish Government have finally given their support to the campaign for justice by the families of 11 people murdered by the British Army during a shooting rampage in west Belfast in August 1971 known as the Ballymurphy Massacre. Premium service article

Files on 1969 RUC killing of Sammy Devenny to stay secret for 50 years

2 March 2014

A METROPOLITAN POLICE investigation into the death of Derry man Samuel Devenny after he was severely beaten with police batons by the RUC in 1969 is to stay secret until 2022 – at least. Premium service article

Some way to go

2 March 2014

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY is always a good time to reflect on the advances that women have made in Irish society but also to take a critical look at what we have still to achieve. Premium service article

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People power against the pushers

2 March 2014

1984 saw the ‘official’ formation of the Concerned Parents Against Drugs — a campaign that spontaneously erupted in working-class areas across Dublin as a response to the heroin dealers who were crucifying their communities and killing their families. Premium service article

Ombudsman probes RUC cases

2 March 2014

THE Police Ombudsman in the North has launched an investigation into how the RUC handled investigations into the actions of a notorious UDA death squad between 1988 and 1993 in Derry and Antrim. Premium service article

ETA arms move ‘very significant’

2 March 2014

FILM of the Basque separatist military organisation ETA putting a cache of weapons and explosives “beyond operational use” in January in a symbolic gesture reaffirming ETA’s commitment to the Basque peace process was released on 21 February by members of the Amsterdam-based International Verification Commission. Free article

Ireland, North and South, is changing

2 March 2014

OVER JUST TWO DAYS, ten thousand people logged on to the Sinn Féin website during Ard Fheis 2014, joining 1,200 delegates and visitors at the Wexford Opera House in early February. Free article

Case against Donegal republican John Downey collapses

2 March 2014

THE collapse of the case against Donegal republican John Downey after a London court ruled that his prosecution for an IRA bomb attack on the British Army close to Hyde Park Barracks in 1982 should not continue has been welcomed by Sinn Féin leaders. Free article

Labour - Every little hurts

2 March 2014

EAMON GILMORE’S address to the Labour Party conference was strong on rhetoric but short on specifics. Premium service article

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