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18 February 2021 Edition

There is no going back

18 February 2021

As we were putting together this edition of An Phoblacht, an overarching theme emerged. A common refrain was evident in a series of declarations from writers that in this critical and unprecedented time – ‘there is no going back!’ Free article

Writing the next chapters in Ireland’s history

18 February 2021

It has been a busy 12 months for Sinn Féin since the 2020 Leinster House elections. They are the second largest partner in a five party executive coalition in the North, while, in Leinster House, the party is leading the opposition. Free article

Fixing a broken housing system

18 February 2021

Sinn Féin’s Deirdre Hargey writes on her housing plan that will be most radical and ambitious for 50 years in the Six-Counties Free article

The Settled Will of the Scottish People

18 February 2021

With parliamentary elections due in May, former SNP National Secretary Angus MacLeod gives a view of all things Scottish from independence to Brexit and a future on “Boris Island” Free article

Cá bhfuil triail na Gaeilge in Éirinn Athaontaithe?

18 February 2021

Tá an comhrá fá athaontú na hÉireann idir camánaibh anois ar bhealach nach raibh roimhe. Tá na buntáistí geilleagrach a chothódh Éire aontaithe mar chuid lárnach den chomhrá sin, cuid ríthábhachtach den chomhrá gan amhras. Free article

Sinn Féin will lead the climate action transition

18 February 2021

2020 was an exceptional year, but, putting aside Sinn Féin’s election results, the rest of the year’s exceptionalism was less than positive.

The year started with wildfires raging in Australia and closed with four million acres of Californian forest burned. This was twice the amount of land burned than in California’s previous worst wildfire. 

2020 broke the record for the warmest... Free article

Republicanism and ecology politics

18 February 2021

Seán Fearon challenges republicans to consider incorporating a green agenda into their political activism ‘When we think of economic performance as Irish republicans, we must prioritise social and economic equality, redistribution, physical and mental wellbeing, the quality of employment, the impact on our democracy, the health of our communities, and the sanctity of the natural world’. Free article

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All of us have a role in the work for a new Ireland

18 February 2021

In her book ‘The Deficit Myth’, economist Stephanie Kelton reminds us that, while public debate today is dominated by discussion of the state’s fiscal deficit, there are other deficits that we have in society which receive comparably little attention; the good jobs deficit, the healthcare deficit, the infrastructure deficit, and the climate deficit. These are the deficits that really matter, but remain marginal to the concerns of very many policy-makers. Free article

Brexit, Europe and Irish Unity

18 February 2021

As the reality of Brexit imposes a range of changes to the economic and political relationships between Ireland, Britain and the EU, along with the ongoing disputes and negotiations over the Irish Protocol Article 16 in the EU, Sinn Féin MEP Chris MacManus outlines the critical role the EU and its institutions will play in the steps leading to an Irish Unity referendum. Free article

Demand for change set to grow

18 February 2021

Over a year since the most historic Irish general election in a generation, its reverberations are still being felt. Every election since the foundation of the Irish state has resulted in governments led by Fianna Fail or Fine Gael. For almost 100 years, since the Partition of Ireland, nothing like the 2020 election has ever happened.

With Sinn Féin winning a plurality of votes,... Free article

Irish history belongs to the people of Ireland

18 February 2021

The issue of remembrance has, over recent months, become the subject of political controversy. As a result, some have gone so far as to call for an end to the marking of events in Ireland’s struggle for independence in this, the decade of centenaries. Free article

Iniúchadh ar Choireanna Cogaidh Iosrael ag Cúirt Coiriúil Idirnáisiúnta

18 February 2021

Tugadh le fios go ndéanfar coireanna cogaidh Iosrael i gcríocha na Palaistíne faoi fhorghabháil a iniúchadh ag an Chúirt Coiriúil Idirnáisiúnta don chéad uair. Free article

Guerrilla Days in Ireland - Gerry Kelly remembers Tom Barry

18 February 2021

Somebody sent me a grainy photo recently with the Irish Republican legend, Tom Barry, in it. Standing tall and erect in his seventies, he is surrounded by a group of young, mostly teenage, Irish Republican activists from Belfast. The year was 1972 and the photo was taken in Cork at a Republican monument. It commemorated Volunteers, most of whom Tom Barry had fought alongside, who had died in the cause of Irish freedom. Free article

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