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Banned Civil War novel re-published 87 years later

12 November 2020

A once banned civil war based novel by Liam O’Flaherty has been republished after 87 years. Free article

The birth of the B Specials 100 years ago

10 November 2020

Notorious for their sectarianism and inextricably linked with decades of Unionist one-party rule in ‘Northern Ireland’, the B Specials pre-dated the formal establishment of the Six-County state and their formation 100 years ago this month signalled the British government’s intention to impose Partition by force, while re-arming Unionism to subdue the nationalist minority. Free article

Centenary of the execution of Connaught Ranger James Daly

2 November 2020

2 November 2020 marks the centenary of the execution of a brave young Irishman who refused to serve any longer in the British Army in protest at British Government terror in Ireland. It was soldiers of the Connaught Rangers who made that protest in India. Free article

Kevin Barry – the first of 24 prison executions

31 October 2020

“The only message I have for anybody is ‘Hold on and stick to the Republic.’” – Kevin Barry Free article

Mary Lou McDonald: The legacy of Terence MacSwiney still resonates one hundred years on

25 October 2020

Today marks the centenary of the death of Terence MacSwiney on hunger strike in Brixton Prison.

In normal times, we would gather today to commemorate and honour the legacy of a Republican icon, but these are not normal times. 

However, we can all still reflect today on MacSwiney's sacrifice and his contribution to the struggle for Irish freedom.

The mark that Terence MacSwiney left... Free article

Terence MacSwiney, Ireland and the world

24 October 2020

The story of Terence MacSwiney’s hunger strike has been told many times, in the pages of An Phoblacht and elsewhere. That it still carries such power and resonates to this day shows what an epic struggle it was. One Irish political prisoner was alone in the heart of the British Empire and fighting that Empire with only his determination and his body as weapons. His death and the national and international response to it proved his own words that “not all the armies of all the Empires of earth can crush the spirit of one true man. And that one man will prevail.” Free article

Traolach Mac Suibhne – laoch na réabhlóide

24 October 2020

In 1961 labhair fear contúirteach, conspóideach leis an Transport Workers’ Union of America. Éireannaigh, nó a sliocht, go leor den dream a bhí ag éisteacht leis. Ciarraíoch dárbh ainm Mike Quill a chur an fear conspóideach in aithne don slua. Terence MacSwiney eile a bhí sa bhfear conspóideach, contúirteach a dúirt Quill. Chaithfí tacaíocht a thabhairt dhó agus dá chuid oibre a dúirt an Ciarraíoch. Rinne sé féin agus a cheardchumann amhlaidh. B’é Martin Luther King an fear conspóideach. Ach, cérbh é an Suibhneach seo a raibh an oiread sin cumhachta ag a ainm gurbh fhiú é a tharraingt anuas dhá scór bliain tar éis a bháis? Free article

Michael Fitzgerald, Joseph Murphy and Terence MacSwiney

17 October 2020

In 1920, at the height of the Tan War, republicans imprisoned in camps and jails throughout the country intensified their fight to be treated as prisoners of war Free article

Centenary of the death of Seán Treacy

14 October 2020

ON 14 October 1920, Seán Treacy was killed during a gun battle in Dublin City Centre's Talbot Street with British agents and troops. Note: This article by the late Shane Mac Thomáis was originally published in October 2004. Free article

Centenary of the Belfast Pogrom 1920

21 July 2020

When the Partition of Ireland was first proposed in 1914 James Connolly said that such a scheme would mean “a carnival of reaction both North and South”. In the summer of 1920, as the British government unleashed the Black and Tans, and as it pushed forward legislation to partition the country, the carnival of reaction was seen in its full horror in the Six North-Eastern Counties that were to form the new state of ‘Northern Ireland’. Free article

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