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30 March 2014 Edition

High Noon for unionism

30 March 2014

ON ST PATRICK’S DAY, Belfast Mayor Máirtín Ó Muilleoir held a reception for Irish-language enthusiasts in City Hall. As Gaeilgeoirí arrived in family groups, or in knots of teenagers out for a bit of craic, unionist flag protesters who had gathered outside Belfast’s civic building hurled abuse at them. Premium service article

BELFAST: Sinn Féin making it a City Hall for all

30 March 2014

OVER the past year, Sinn Féin in Belfast City Council have been pushing the Council to invest £105million in new leisure facilities across Belfast. Free article

Martina Anderson – An MEP making a difference

30 March 2014

An Phoblacht considered itself lucky for DALE MOORE to get the opportunity to speak to Martina about herself and her past roles, her current roles and how she views May’s European elections. Premium service article

Desperate to change the subject

30 March 2014

WHAT do you do when you are losing an argument? Do you admit you are wrong? Do you concede the point? Not if you’re in Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael or Labour you don’t. Free article

Marion Steenson – Laoch imeasc na mBan

30 March 2014

MARION STEENSON (neé Murphy) is a formidable woman. She had to be. As a youthful 87-year-old, the most striking thing about meeting her is the clarity with which she recalls her upbringing in a republican household steeped in history and the fearless way in which she still espouses her beliefs without fear or favour. Free article

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Morgan Kelly sets the cat among the pigeons

30 March 2014

THE UCD economist Morgan Kelly has certainly put the cat among the pigeons with his warning that a new European Central Bank ‘clean-up’ of Irish banks (a new stress test which is on the way) could force large numbers of small business throughout the state to collapse, with the loss of thousands of jobs. Premium service article

Bí ar an airdeall faoi ról an AE san Úcráín

30 March 2014

IN AINEOIN RTÉ agus tionchar na meán cumarsáide, tá móramh mhuintir na hÉireann fós ina náisiúntóirí, go háirithe ó dheas. Premium service article

Radical and Realistic

30 March 2014

ALEXIS TSIPRAS is the leader of Syriza and widely tipped to be the next head of government in Greece. He is also the European Left Party’s candidate in the election for the next president of the European Commission. He visited Dublin for two days in March to meet political parties, trade unions and activists. Free article

Blaa, blaa, blaa

30 March 2014

ARMAGH Bramley apples, Clare Island salmon, Connemara hill lamb, Imokilly cheese, Lough Neagh eels, Timoleague brown pudding, and the Waterford blaa. Premium service article

‘Say what you believe’

30 March 2014

TONY BENN’S stature as an orator, a political leader, a polemicist, an intellectual and incisive prolific writer is unquestioned – except in the political party he represented for 50 years in the British Parliament. Free article

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