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1 June 2017 Edition

Probably the most important election of a lifetime

1 June 2017

THE Westminster election is just weeks away and campaigning is well underway across the North as Sinn Féin looks to get the highest number of votes possible. Free article

Does Claire Hanna think she’s a better Irishwoman than Constance Markievicz?

1 June 2017

THE BBC Newsnight round-table discussion between the North’s main parties on Tuesday 17 May demonstrated that the SDLP hierarchy would sooner see pro-Brexit, pro-austerity, pro-partition, unionist MPs take their seat in the House of Commons than see Irish republicans elected by people who voted for them on an openly abstentionist platform. Free article

McGrory to step down as North’s Director of Public Prosecutions

1 June 2017

THE surprise announcement by Barra McGrory that he is to step down as the North's Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)in September, after almost six years in the justice hot seat, comes in the midst of a hyped-up campaign by unionists and the right-wing media over his department’s decision to press charges against British ex-soldiers over the killings of nationalist civilians in the North. Free article

Mayo’s heroes

1 June 2017

The National Hunger Strike Commemoration takes place in the home county of Seán 'Jack' McNeela, Michael Gaughan and Frank Stagg on Sunday 13 August – main speaker former hunger striker Gerry Kelly MLA Free article

Mayo to honour the Hunger Strikers

1 June 2017

The 1981 Hunger Strike was a pivotal moment in Irish history which saw republican political prisoners thwart British Government efforts to criminalise the struggle for a free and united Ireland. Free article

Behind the death of Volunteer Brendan O’Callaghan lies the intrigue of Britain’s Dirty War

1 June 2017

IRA VOLUNTEER Brendan O’Callaghan was shot dead by British soldiers lying in ambush on 23 April 1977 in the car park of The Hunting Lodge bar on Belfast’s Stewartstown Road. Free article

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New Taoiseach, same old Fine Gael

1 June 2017

MAY was a month in Leinster House that saw an enormous shift in the political landscape with the resignation of Enda Kenny as leader of Fine Gael and as Taoiseach from the beginning of June. Free article

Sri Lanka’s massacres of Tamils marked on 18 May, ‘Mullivaikkal Remembrance Day’

1 June 2017

TAMIL EXILES were in Belfast and Derry on 18 May for ‘Mullivaikkal Remembrance Day’, marking the anniversary of the bloody massacres carried out by the Sri Lankan Army in May 2009 as it crushed the Tamil struggle for an independent homeland, slaughtering as many as 70,000 Tamils, mostly civilians. Free article

The republican roots of the Irish public sector

1 June 2017

WHEN I GET ON A BUS in the morning I see the service as a tangible manifestation of the thinking of Fintan Lalor, Wofe Tone, the 1916 leaders and the first Sinn Féin government of 1919. It might seem silly when you see this written down but this is your bus, your public sector, your right to the sovereignty of the nation. Free article

Another Europe is possible - Treo eile don Eoraip

1 June 2017

European Council needs to recognise importance of protecting Good Friday Agreement, ‘Shell companies’ cost EU budgets €100bn to €230bn a year, Ní Riada call on Youth Guarantee supported by EP Education Committee and Ireland drops 5 places in World Press Freedom Index Free article

If Europe won’t protect our fisheries, the Irish Government must

1 June 2017

SINN FÉIN MEP Liadh Ní Riada has just been appointed by the GUE/NGL group in the European Parliament as their Brexit Rapporteur for Fisheries. Writing exclusively for An Phoblacht this month, Liadh outlines the danger posed to the Irish fishing industry by Brexit, what needs to be done to prevent disaster and beyond Brexit, and why the EU needs major reform of its fishing policy. Free article

Collusion was not an illusion

1 June 2017

AS Sinn Féin MEP for the North, I have brought families of British state violence and their advocates on delegations to Brussels and Strasbourg on four separate occasions. Free article

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