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13 February 2017 Edition

No return to the status quo

13 February 2017

CORRUPTION, SCANDAL, disrespect and bigotry have no place in our society and in our power-sharing institutions. Free article

See you later, alligator

13 February 2017

ARLENE FOSTER’S LAUNCH of the Democratic Unionist Party’s Assembly election campaign couldn’t have got off to a more inauspicious start if she had tried. Free article

Every vote counts for equality

13 February 2017

A VOTE for Sinn Féin will be a vote not just against corruption and mismanagement but for equality and respect, the party says ahead of publishing its election platform. Free article

A new Sinn Féin leader, same old media snark

13 February 2017

THERE IS a sizeable constituency of media ‘republican watchers’. Fascinated by or maybe even politically unnerved by the growth of Sinn Féin’s success, the republican watchers have to report everything through a distorting lens of untruths, innuendo and insinuation. One of the latest examples is the announcement of Michelle O’Neill as the new leader of Sinn Féin in the North while Martin McGuinness deals with a serious illness. Free article

Tá stoirm ag teacht

13 February 2017

D’FHREASTAL mé ar chruinniú ar 7 Eanair, i gCumann na Meirleach, Bóthar na bhFál. Cúige Uladh Plus a bhí ann agus thart ar 500 againn i lathair. Ní chruinniú fuarasta a bhí againn os rud é go raibh go leor fearg sa seomra. Is dócha gur meascán de neart gnéithe den straitéis s’againn le roinnt blianta anuas a ba chúis leis an fhearg. Ceart go leor, tháinig achan rud chun tosaigh mar gheall ar an scanal a d’éirigh ón DUP agus RHI, ansin an ‘stunt’ le Líofa ach téann sé i bhfad siar air sin. Free article

Sinn Féin MPs host London briefings on developments

13 February 2017

SINN FÉIN MPs undertook a special ‘Programme of Engagement’ with key people of influence in British politics following the Ard Chomhairle decision to withdraw Martin McGuinness from the role of deputy First Minister. Free article

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‘Our Martin’

13 February 2017

MARTIN McGUINNESS’S contribution to the struggle for Irish freedom and sovereignty for over 40 years has been immeasurable. Free article

Trump’s and Britain’s special relationship with torture

13 February 2017

THE TORTURE of west Belfast man Liam Holden is one of the most publicised cases of “waterboarding”. The 19-year-old was convicted of the 1972 killing of a British paratrooper and sentenced to death. His sentence was later commuted to life and he served 17 years. His conviction was quashed in June 2013. Free article

Out of sight, out of mind

13 February 2017

SEÁN BYERS AND I were part of an Irish Congress of Trade Unions delegation to “The Jungle” refugee camp in Calais in September. There we heard stories over and over again of families torn apart, of people losing everything, the dangers facing women and unaccompanied minors, police brutality, and systemic discrimination. Unimaginable suffering, death, despair and uncertainty loomed large over the camp. Free article

“An Gaoltacht”

13 February 2017

LABHAIR iar-phroisiúnaigh a bhí páirteach sa “Gaoltacht” – an leasainm a thugtar ar an phobal lán-Ghaeilge a d’eascair sna príosúin i rith thréimhse na coimhlinte – mar gheall ar an seal a chaitheadar ann. Bhí an lucht féachana a bhailigh i Seomra Pháirtí Shinn Féin ‘gafa’ ag an méid a bhí le rá acu i rith na hócáide a bhí eagraithe ag Sinn Féin Ghaeilge. Free article

TK Whitaker - When the legend becomes fact

13 February 2017

THERE’S A LINE in the movie The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance which goes that when the legend becomes fact, print the legend. Free article

February 1992 - A baptism of fire with 'An Phoblacht'

13 February 2017

WITH the 25th anniversaries of two of the most notorious incidents of the conflict falling in the first two weeks of February, PEADAR WHELAN looks back on his first week as an An Phoblacht/Republican News photo-journalist. It was a week that left nine nationalists dead in separate gun attacks across Belfast while, on the Fermanagh border, a young IRA Volunteer from Sligo, Joseph MacManus (22), died on active service, shot dead by a member of the British Army. Free article

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