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7 March 2016 Edition

We need to prove to people there is an alternative

7 March 2016

THIS was a very good election for Sinn Féin. We went from 14 seats to (as we speak) 23 seats. We increased our representation by 60%. We also got a very good spread – there are very few regions in the state that there aren’t Sinn Féin TDs. If they weren’t elected this time they sure are going to be elected next time if they continue with the work they are doing. Free article

Human rights threatened by British European exit

7 March 2016

A BRITISH EXIT from the EU would pose a serious threat to human rights in the North and undermine the Good Friday Agreement, a major conference in Belfast hosted by Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson heard on 29 January. Free article

Manchester’s 1916 martyrs and Arthur Griffith

7 March 2016

Hidden Heroes of Easter Week: Memories of Volunteers from England who joined the Easter Rising and Arthur Griffith Free article

Frank Ryan rededication

7 March 2016

A REDEDICATION CEREMONY for the granite tombstone of IRA Volunteer, An Phoblacht Editor and Spanish Civil War officer Frank Ryan refurbished by Friends of the International Brigades in Ireland, the Limerick International Brigade Memorial Trust and the Ryan family was attended by a wide cross-section of anti-fascists and republicans (including current An Phoblacht Editor John Hedges) in February. Free article

Countdown to the Rising – The Sovereign People

7 March 2016

‘The Sovereign People’ was the last of the four political pamphlets on Irish freedom that Pádraig Pearse wrote between December 1915 and March 1916. This final essay is his most significant and most enduring. It is still highly relevant in its discussion of democracy, the right of the people to the ownership of Ireland and all its resources, and their right to decide how property should be held. Free article

Belfast Easter parade to be ‘colourful, spectacular and fitting tribute to our patriot dead’

7 March 2016

JOE AUSTIN of the Belfast 1916-2016/Ag Fíorú na Poblachta committee has told An Phoblacht that this year the city’s Easter commemoration events marking the centenary of the Rising will be spectacular and colourful and will be a fitting tribute to our patriot dead and their families. Free article

Aitheantas do Bhua Chúba is ea Cuairt Barack Obama

7 March 2016

CÉIM thábhachtach is ea cuairt uachtarán Mheiriocá, Barack Obama, go dtí Cúba atá le reachtáil níos déanaí sa mí seo. Free article

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Historical events properly understood can inspire the living – Alex Maskey

7 March 2016

‘A meaningful examination of how we can all remember our loved ones in an inclusive way (which recognises but respects the different role they may have played) is an essential part of this process’ – 2002, Sinn Féin Mayor of Belfast, Alex Maskey Free article

Uncomfortable actions would speak much louder than words – William Mitchell

7 March 2016

IT IS FOUR YEARS since Sinn Féin’s Declan Kearney called on republicans to be courageous “and embrace the discomfort of moving outside our political and historic comfort zones”. Free article

Another Europe is possible – Treo eile don Eoraip

7 March 2016

Gaelscoil students making milestone visit to European Parliament, Lynn Boylan MEP calls for paid leave for people experiencing domestic violence, Concerns over moves to create ‘European Super State’, Martina Anderson MEP to publish opinion on implementation of rights of persons with disabilities and 100 MEPs sign petition to remove Kurdish PKK from ‘terrorist’ list Free article

Still burning after all these years

7 March 2016

THE GOOD CITIZENS of Cork are getting ready for another mighty battle. They will face an old foe, one who will test their tried and trusted experience as shapers of opinion and makers and breakers of political careers. Free article

USA and Canada to highlight their vital role in the Rising

7 March 2016

IN the United States and Canada, events will be held across the North American continent to mark the vital part played in the 1916 Easter Rising by Ireland’s exiled sons and daughters. Free article

Time for the release of Leonard Peltier is now

7 March 2016

At 72 YEARS OF AGE, Leonard Peltier is suffering from an aneurysm yet is still being held in a maximum security prison under a regime of controlled movement and total lockdown. This is his statement sent out from Coleman US Penitentiary in Florida on the 40th anniversary of his arrest in in British Colombia, Canada: “Greetings, everyone. “Today at 11am, in Hinton, BC, Canada, I was arrested 40 years ago. As Jim Morrison of the Doors said: ‘I have been down for so damn long, will some of you good people come and get me?’ “Thanks to everyone for all you have done to try get me home. I love the hell out of you.” Free article

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