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29 June 2006 Edition

Review of Hain Assembly: Sinn Féin will not participate in farce

29 June 2006

Sinn Féin Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness said on Wednesday that what the Taoiseach and British Prime Minister would say and do on Thursday would obviously influence the Sinn Féin review of its approach to the Hain Assembly. Free article

Safety in the workplace: Foley family face brick wall in search for justice

29 June 2006

Justin Foley lost his life in December 2002 at Dublin's Ballymun Industrial Estate. His death could have been prevented if the most basic health and safety legislation had been complied with by the company involved. Here, STEPHANIE LORD speaks to Justin Foley's sister Lauren about the brick wall his family has faced in its struggle for justice. Free article

Work safety Campaign goes to Brussels

29 June 2006

A Sinn Féin delegation hosted by Mary Lou McDonald MEP travelled to Brussels last week to discuss the issue of safety and health at work with MEPs, European Trade Unionists and EU officials. Free article

Parades Commission has no credibility

29 June 2006

The credibility of the North's Parades Commission and its chairperson Roger Poole hit rock bottom last weekend after it allowed over 700 Orange marchers and up to 16 loyalist bands to parade through the nationalist Springfield Road in West Belfast. Free article

Dublin Cúige: Planning for challenges and opportunities

29 June 2006

Sinn Féin members in Dublin gathered in the Teachers' Club in Parnell Square last Saturday and examined issues such as campaigns, organisational structure, recruitment, training, poilitical education, Ógra Shinn Féin and electoral planning. Free article


Race attacks: Loyalists attack Lituanians, Poles and Latvians

29 June 2006

An upsurge in racist attacks throughout the North, last weekend, highlighted an emerging pattern where loyalist gangs, steeped in sectarian bigotry, and used to targeting nationalists are now directing their hate towards ethnic minority communities as well. Free article

Remembering 1981: Prisoners reject Atkins statement

29 June 2006

Following the election to the Westminster parliament of IRA Hunger Striker Bobby Sands, the British Government under Margret Thatcher were detrmined to change electoral registration so that the feat could not be repeated. In June 1981 it pushed ahead with an amendment to the Representation of the People Act. Free article

Hunger Strikers honoured in Leinster House

29 June 2006

It is not often that moments of real emotion occur in Leinster House. But last Thursday was such an occasion when we welcomed the families of Irish Republicans who died on hunger strike. Free article

Funding sectarianism in Ballymena

29 June 2006

Unionist-controlled Ballymena district council continues to fund community divisions while rejecting the opportunity to promote reconciliation. Last month unionist councillors literally drummed out attempts to introduce a motion in the council proposing the establishment of a Special Committee to tackle sectarianism in Ballymena. Free article

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