Westminster meeting hears call for a ‘Coalition for Reconciliation’ – Jayne Fisher

3 August 2015

A PACKED MEETING in Westminster’s Portcullis House on 14 July heard a wide-ranging discussion, led by Sinn Féin National Chairperson Declan Kearney, on the theme “Uncomfortable Conversations – Towards a Dialogue on Reconciliation”. Free article

Next steps in an important debate? – Richard English

3 August 2015

Richard English – Professor of Politics at the University of St Andrews and author of 'Armed Struggle: The History of the IRA' reviews the ‘Uncomfortable Conversations’ book Free article

Genuine commitment to the necessary change? – Peter Osborne

3 August 2015

RECONCILIATION is the starting point and an end point for these ‘Uncomfortable Conversations’. Free article

Republicans and the reconciliation debate – Seán Oliver

1 September 2015

From a Presbyterian background in north Belfast, Seán Oliver has been a Sinn Féin activist since the later 1980s Free article

Building a bridge – Glen Barr

1 September 2015

GLEN BARR OBE – senior political spokesperson for the Ulster Defence Association (1973-1976 and 1977-1981), Chair of Ulster Workers’ Council strike in 1974, which brought down the power-sharing Executive led by Brian Faulkner – writes for An Phoblacht Free article

Seeking out unheard voices – John Loughran

1 October 2015

As republicans, we should have no issues or hang-ups acknowledging all hurt, all grief and lost lives Free article

British Ambassador joins Gerry Adams to launch Sinn Féin reconciliation initiative – John Hedges

1 October 2015

‘For all of us with an interest in promoting peace and reconciliation across these islands, ‘Uncomfortable Conversations’ should be required reading’ – British Ambassador to Ireland, Dominick Chilcott Free article

Conversations that need to be had – Hugo MacNeill

2 November 2015

Hugo MacNeill – Chairperson of the British Irish Association Board Member of the Ireland Funds. Played rugby for Ireland 37 times between 1981 and 1988, including the first Rugby World Cup in 1987 Free article

Equality and human rights are for everyone – Fiona McCausland

1 December 2015

The opposition to the right to marriage of same-sex couples is not the only issue which requires to be addressed relevant to rights and equality Free article

Understanding the causes of the conflict – Eibhlin Glenholmes

1 December 2015

I recall the many dark days as the Northern state sought to silence the campaign for civil rights, inclusion and parity of citizenship Free article

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