Reconciliation: As I See It – Kyle Paisley

4 July 2016

I LOVE the word reconciliation – it is a good word. It is misunderstood by the ill-informed. It is misrepresented by those who count negativity a virtue. It is considered a dangerous compromise by men who believe that honour lies in justice without any admixture of mercy. Still, reconciliation is a good thing – a great thing! Free article

Reconciliation processes must be inclusive and owned by all – Seamus Finucane

1 August 2016

RECONCILIATION PROCESSES must be inclusive and owned by all. As a process they create a space that invites us all – republican, unionist, British or Irish – to make sense of our history, to understand others, to challenge and be challenged, with the common objective of building a better future that promotes equality and which protects the rights of all. Free article

Information and disclosure vital to the McGurk’s families – Ciarán Mac Airt

1 August 2016

THE STRATEGY of the British state is to prevent any ‘Uncomfortable Conversation’ about its role in perpetuating, sustaining and prolonging the conflict in Ireland. Free article

‘Your fellow countrymen, whatever you and they might think’ – Conor Keenan

5 September 2016

“DON’T HATE the people on the Newtownards Road. Those people are your fellow countrymen, whatever you and they might think.” Free article

A credible vision of unity has to be outlined – Chris Donnelly

5 September 2016

THE DECISION by the British electorate to plump for Brexit has provided a renewed lease of life for Scottish nationalists, whilst it has also encouraged many Irish republicans to outline the case for a Border poll in the near future. Even Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Fianna Fáil leader Mícheál Martin have made public pronouncements where they’ve spoken of the prospect of an Irish unity referendum at some point in the future. Free article

Time will see more people open their minds

3 October 2016

AS Sinn Féin continues with the pursuit of ‘Uncomfortable Conversations’ on the issue of reconciliation, there is a sense of frustration from some within the broad republican family at the lack of – or maybe better to say, absence – of any reciprocation or even acknowledgement from political unionism of the efforts republicans see themselves as making. Free article

One-way streets and cul-de-sacs

3 October 2016

FOR the past few years, a number of Sinn Féin members have been involved in what has become known as ‘Uncomfortable Conversations’ – outreach and dialogue with members of the unionist community alongside outreach to other sectors of society, including politicians and members of church and civic society, mainly here in the North. Free article

Reconciliation is an imperative – not an option

1 November 2016

RECONCILIATION and healing in our society are an imperative for the Irish Peace Process. But their achievement continues to be both challenging and elusive. The required political and civic critical mass to bring them about still does not exist. We have to collectively work at building momentum to make them the new phase of the Peace Process. Premium service article

Steps in the right direction

1 November 2016

I SPOKE at the opening of a new 1916 community garden in Camlough in October. The sacrifice of 1916 and the enduring vision it set out for all of us is something I have commemorated many times with pride. Premium service article

Reconciliation and living a republican politic

13 February 2017

I BEGAN to write this article before Christmas in response to the relaunch of Sinn Féin’s policy document on reconciliation. Events in the North since then with the resignation of Martin McGuinness as deputy First Minister, thus precipitating the collapse of the Assembly at Stormont, could be said to now have made such an article redundant. I believe, however, for the purposes of political and intellectual clarity, that the subject should still be addressed. Free article

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