Creating a way out of the frozen political landscape – Dr David Latimer, First Derry Presbyterian Church

2 November 2014

SETBACKS on the journey from a divided past to a shared future can, so easily, cause us to forget how different life actually is in Northern Ireland since the Good Friday Agreement was signed in 1998. Free article

Educating young people together

1 December 2014

‘Integrated schools are shared spaces which dilute no one’s culture, tradition or faith’ Free article

Parental choice at the heart of education

12 January 2015

Sinn Féin MLA Chris Hazzard responds to May Blood’s article in An Phoblacht on integrated education Free article

Owning the pain we have caused

12 January 2015

SOMETIMES it is because churches are places of such beauty or history that silence is the only appropriate response. Sometimes – but not always. Free article

The unionist predicament over equality

12 January 2015

GERRY ADAMS recently referred to the fact that Ulster Unionists have a big problem with equality. The question must therefore be asked, why? Free article

‘Conscience Clause’ – not pro-Christian, more anti-LGBT – John O’Doherty

2 March 2015

IN DECEMBER 2014, Paul Givan MLA of the DUP launched a consultation into a proposed ‘Conscience Clause’ amendment to The Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2006. If passed, the Bill would allow businesses to refuse service to LGB people if they feel they would be affirming same-sex relationships in violation of their faith ‘conscience’. Free article

Letting go of old ways of thinking – John Alderdice

2 March 2015

John Alderdice is a former leader of the Alliance Party Free article

Peace – The Optimum Risk – Glenn Bradley

4 May 2015

'I enlisted into the British Army to get the best training possible and come back to take the fight to the IRA' Free article

‘Uncomfortable Conversations’ collection launched in Linen Hall Library – John Hedges

4 May 2015

A SMALL SELECTION of the contributions in the ‘Uncomfortable Conversations’ series carried in An Phoblacht since March 2012 to foster dialogue across communities was launched in booklet form in April by Sinn Féin in Belfast’s Linen Hall Library, an institution with a proud history of radical thought, ideas and voices. Free article

Reconciliation? We need genuine words of ‘abject and true remorse’ demonstrated in action – Brian Kennaway

1 July 2015

IN EVERY SOCIETY there is a need for”Uncomfortable Conversations. Sometimes this need is ignored, like the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’. The issues, however, do not go away by being ignored. Others seek to address the discordant issues by ‘constructive ambiguity’ which, as we know from experience, only leads to further confusion. Free article

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