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The IRA Convention of March 1922

25 March 2022

The period after the narrow Dáil vote in favour of the Treaty in January 1922 saw division between the pro and anti-Treaty sides widening but also many efforts to maintain unity and to prevent armed conflict. Free article

Orange state terror - the Cromwell Club

23 March 2022

One hundred years ago the new state of ‘Northern Ireland’ was being consolidated by the Unionist Party, the Orange Order and the British crown forces by means of sectarian terror against the non-unionist population, especially in Belfast. Free article

Renewed pogrom in the Orange state

21 February 2022

A century ago in February 1922 the pogrom against Catholics, nationalists, republicans and anyone else seen as an enemy of Unionism was renewed in the new Orange Six-County state of ‘Northern Ireland’. Free article

30th anniversary of 1992 Sinn Féin Office attack

10 February 2022

Gerry Adams and Sinn Féin MLA Pat Sheehan were among the speakers at the 30th anniversary commemoration of the February 1992 attack on Sinn Féin’s Sevastopol Street Office. Free article

Eyewitness in Derry 30th January 1972

30 January 2022

Within hours of the events of Bloody Sunday, the Civil Rights Association in Derry were recording first hand testimonies of what happened that day. Taken from the Massacre in Derry booklet we carry the accounts of each of the 14 Bloody Sunday killings. Free article

Have you forgotten Bloody Sunday?

29 January 2022

An Phoblacht has never stopped reporting and writing on Bloody Sunday over the last 50years. In this piece written 34 years ago Kevin McCool revisits some key moments of Blood Sunday. Free article

‘I’ll never forget his face’

29 January 2022

We republish an article from 1983, where Pat Deeney interviews Peggy Deery, one of the wounded who survived Bloody Sunday. Peggy died in 1988. Injuries received on Bloody Sunday seriously impacted on her health for the rest of her life. Free article

Thomas Kinsella’s ‘Butcher’s Dozen’ 50 years on

28 January 2022

Eminent Irish poet Thomas Kinsella died in December 2021, just before the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, the Widgery Tribunal and the poem he wrote and published swiftly in response. Free article

Bloody Sunday in the British media

28 January 2022

In the hours and days after Bloody Sunday the scale and intensity of disinformation spread about that day’s events by the British Government was unprecedented. Mícheál Mac Donnacha recounts some of the outcomes of this across the British media in 1972. Free article

Remembering Bloody Sunday: Robert Ballagh’s “The Thirtieth of January”

27 January 2022

Robert Ballagh’s new painting remembering Bloody Sunday is to hang in Derry’s Guild Hall. Jenny Farrell explores the link between art and politics in “The Thirtieth of January. Free article

‘There wasn’t the slightest provocation’ – Fulvio Grimaldi on Bloody Sunday

26 January 2022

“I took pictures of this, I took recordings of this, and there is no doubt whatsoever that there wasn’t the slightest provocation”. Italian photographer Fulvio Grimaldi’s firsthand account of Bloody Sunday. Free article

The long road to justice for the Bloody Sunday victims

24 January 2022

This week An Phoblacht marks the 50th anniversary of the Bloody Sunday murders in Derry by the British Army's Parachute Regiment. We carry here Derry republican Mitchel McLaughlin's powerful article on the long road to justice. This article is also available in print in our quarterly magazine (An Phoblacht, Issue Number 4, 2021). Free article

The ‘Magnificent Seven’ swim to freedom

16 January 2022

Fifty years ago on 17 January 1972 seven Republican internees escaped from the British prison ship, HMS ‘Maidstone’, moored at the coal wharf in Belfast docks, and swam to freedom. They achieved fame in news headlines across the world as ‘The Magnificent Seven’. Free article

The long road to justice for the Bloody Sunday victims

25 November 2021

Mitchel McLaughlin tracks the development of the Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign and also highlights some of the key events on the road to that tragic day on 30 January 1972 He shows how the seeds of Bloody Sunday were created in three key events: the introduction of internment on 9 and 10 August 1971; the Ballymurphy Massacre by the 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment a day later; and the Civil Rights march to Magilligan Internment Camp on 22 January 1972. Free article

Recasting the conquest

25 November 2021

James Connolly called for the reconquest of Ireland by the Irish people. A mighty effort was made to achieve political reconquest between 1916 and 1921 but, 100 years ago, the British government, through a combination of force and fraud, managed to maintain its grip on Ireland and to recast the conquest. Free article

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