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1 November 2016 Edition

The ‘centre ground’ and the politics of Tweedledee and Tweedledum

1 November 2016

BUDGET 2017 marks another step in the slow, incremental realignment of politics in the South. The common interests of the Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil leaderships have crystallised more clearly than ever before – so much so that Fianna Fáil never even published an alternative budget of their own. Free article

SDLP, UUP and PBP rhetoric versus Sinn Féin delivery

1 November 2016

THE impact of the “Brexit” referendum continued to dominate business at Stormont as First Minister and deputy First Minister Arlene Foster and Martin McGuinness met British Prime Minister Theresa May in Downing Street on Monday 24 October with the leaders of Scotland and Wales. Free article

Nothing to see here, Justice Minister?

1 November 2016

DÁIL Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald stands out from her counterparts when it comes to demanding answers about possibly illegal activity in her jurisdiction by undercover British police officers – she doesn’t seem to want to know. Premium service article

Young republicans – leading from the front

1 November 2016

YOUNG REPUBLICAN RANKS are experiencing an upsurge in new members with the start of the new college terms building on the numbers involved in this year’s 35th Anniversary Hunger Strike Commemoration and those who signed up at the National Ploughing Championships in County Offaly. Free article

Bochtaineacht tuaithe níos measa san Iarthar

1 November 2016

TÁ SÉ SOILÉIR ó thaighde nua atá foilsithe ag Nasc Tuaithe na hÉireann (IRL Irish Rural Link) go bhfuil géarchéim bochtaineachta againn in Éireann, go h-áirithe sna ceantair tuaithe agus astu sin gurb iad na ceantair san Iarthar, lártíre agus cois teorainn is measa atá buailte. Free article

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Symbols of resilience and resistance

1 November 2016

THE ARRAY of prison crafts on display in Belfast’s Conway Mill for the launch of the ‘Irish Republican Prison Crafts: Making Memory & Legacy’ project is testimony to the creativity of republican POWs who produced harps, Celtic crosses, handbags, wallets and soft toys for family and friends. These now reflect part of the legacy of prison struggle and evoke memories of that struggle and the effects it had on the lives of those who experienced imprisonment from the other side of the prison wall – the families, friends and comrades on the outside. Premium service article

Flames not Flowers

1 November 2016

RICHMOND BARRACKS in Dublin is a place of huge historical significance for Irish republicans, a place where 77 women patriots were imprisoned in the aftermath of the 1916 Rising, Sinn Féin deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald TD told a special event there for women republicans and ex-prisoners on Saturday 15 October. Premium service article

Scéal dhá chogadh: Aleppo is Mosul

1 November 2016

LE MÍ anuas tá RTÉ ag tuairisciú faoin uafás atá ag titim amach in Aleppo sa tSyria, ach is mó de bholscaireacht chlaonta ná tuairisc iomlán a craoladh. Free article

Filling the gap left by social democracy’s decline

1 November 2016

THROUGHOUT EUROPE, social democratic parties are in decline. The voters they once represented have got increasingly tired of being used as cannon fodder for the various ‘lite’ versions of the exploitative policies put forward by the genuine Right. Premium service article

Carrickmines and Travellers – A civil rights issue

1 November 2016

On Saturday morning, 10 October 2015, the nation woke up to the news that a fire had taken place in Glenamuck in south County Dublin and that at least eight people had perished. Premium service article

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