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1 December 2015 Edition

The Ticking Clock Dilemma

1 December 2015

I WAS WITH other family members in west Belfast to hear about the current situation with the Stormont House Agreement and how families who lost loved ones during the conflict are yet again abused by the British state. Britain does not want to deal with its past. Free article

The ongoing housing crisis

1 December 2015

Dessie Ellis TD Sinn Féin Housing Spokesperson – Q&A with Mark Moloney Premium service article

Cearta, comhoibriú, agus feachtasaíocht

1 December 2015

TÁ SCÉAL mór á dhéanamh de staid reatha na nGaeltachtaí le tamall fada anuas. Tá tuairisc i ndiaidh tuairisce á cur os ár gcomhair nach bhfuiltear ag éirí le Straitéis 20 Bliain an rialtais ó dheas. Ní rún ar bith é ach an oiread nach bhfuil na páirtithe aontachtacha toilteanach glacadh le hAcht na Gaeilge sa chomhtionol, ó thuaidh. Cé gur aontaíodh Acht Free article

Government blocks Sinn Féin motion on Travellers’ rights

1 December 2015

FINE GAEL AND LABOUR blocked a Dáil motion in November aimed at addressing the discrimination and marginalisation of Travellers in Irish society as well as recognising Irish Travellers as a distinct ethnic group. Travellers are recognised as an ethnic minority in the Six Counties and in Britain. Free article

The Curate’s Egg

1 December 2015

POWER PLAY is bit like the Chinese meal of cliché – there’s a lot of different ingredients, you eat it quickly but, soon after, you feel that your meal hasn’t satisfied your appetite. The author has chosen to tell a fascinating story but, unfortunately, this book lacks both the depth and the analysis to meet its claims that it is a “definitive account” and “deeply insightful”. Premium service article

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Understanding the causes of the conflict – Eibhlin Glenholmes

1 December 2015

I recall the many dark days as the Northern state sought to silence the campaign for civil rights, inclusion and parity of citizenship Free article

Equality and human rights are for everyone – Fiona McCausland

1 December 2015

The opposition to the right to marriage of same-sex couples is not the only issue which requires to be addressed relevant to rights and equality Free article

Níl na comhairli saor ó olc ach an oiread

1 December 2015

TÁ COMORADH le déanamh ag an stát ar 1916, ach go drogallach e don chuid is mó. Free article

Banking Inquiry debacle, an absence of evidence

1 December 2015

IT SEEMS such an obvious point but if you are going to set up an inquiry you should at least ensure it can actually view the evidence. Yet this is what the Fine Gael/Labour Government has failed to do with the issue of Siteserv and IBRC. Free article

We live in a dysfunctional society that must be replaced

1 December 2015

THE IRISH PEOPLE are rightly angry about the collapse of the economy – brought about by Fianna Fáil’s blind belief that the market would come right in the end – and by the unnecessary austerity imposed on the working people by Fine Gael and Labour so that the Europe and the banks could be bailed out Premium service article

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