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3 February 2013 Edition

February 2013 Edition photographs

3 February 2013

Photographs from the February 2013 edition of An Phoblacht Free article

Every vote counts – Vote Francie Molloy

3 February 2013

SINN FÉIN is up and running in the Mid-Ulster by-election battle to retain the Westminster seat vacated by deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness. Free article

Stopping the Property Tax: A tax too far

3 February 2013

THE ONLY WAY to stop the Property Tax being imposed on family homes by Fine Gael and Labour TDs is by people speaking out and making the Government and Fianna Fáil aware of the scale of public outrage, Mary Lou McDonald says. And they need to press their TD to vote for the Sinn Féin Bill to scrap the unfair tax – “a tax too far”. Premium service article

The past, reconciliation and the future of the Peace Process

3 February 2013

A SIMPLISTIC ASSESSMENT of events across the North, and Belfast especially, since the beginning of last December would be to assume nothing has changed. A ‘Groundhog Day’ scenario. That is not the case. Free article

Friends of the Earth back Sinn Féin Climate Change Bill

3 February 2013

TWO YEARS of inaction by the Irish Government has led to Sinn Féin reintroducing the all-party Climate Change Bill of 2010. Free article

We need calm, measured dialogue – Gerry Kelly

3 February 2013

UNIONISTS need to talk to their nationalist neighbours to explore ways forward in a changing city, Belfast MLA Gerry Kelly has told An Phoblacht in an interview about the Union flag crisis. Free article

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In the eye of the flags storm

3 February 2013

ON THE NIGHT of 3 December 2012, when Belfast City councillors voted to restrict the flying of the Union flag at City Hall on designated days (the same as the Assembly at Stormont), the small nationalist neighbourhood of Short Strand was attacked by unionist gangs returning from their violent spree at City Hall. Premium service article

The challenge of uniting Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter

3 February 2013

NATIONAL LIBRARY, Dublin. 10:15am. It’s five days since Gerry Adams launched the campaign with 450 people in Dublin for a Border poll as provided for under the Good Friday Agreement. It’s the day after the Sinn Féin leader attended the funeral in Belfast of trade union and social activist Inez McCormack. Premium service article

Marking the Lockout in 1913, fighting austerity in 2013

3 February 2013

THE 100th anniversary of the 1913 Lockout will be the focus of a conference hosted by Sinn Féin in Dublin’s trade union headquarters at Liberty Hall on Saturday 2 March on ways to combat austerity and attacks on workers’ rights. Free article

Deis dúinne freisin ár leas féin a forbairt

3 February 2013

TÁ FAITÍOS an domhain ar bhunaíocht an stáit seo go bhféadsfaí reifreann a reachtáil sa mBreatain faoi bhallraíocht na tíre sin san Aontas Eorpach. Mar tá gach seans go mbeadh móramh i gcoinne na hEorpa - toradh a chothódh deacrachtaí do dhaoine nár sheas le neamhspleáchas na tíre seo le cianta. Free article

Why is the Southern Establishment afraid of a Border poll?

3 February 2013

WHILE OPINION POLLS in the South indicate majorities both for Irish unity and for a Border poll as called for by Sinn Féin, the Southern Establishment remains decidedly lukewarm if not downright hostile about the idea. Premium service article

Má tá Gaeilge agat labhair í

3 February 2013

NÍ LEOR CAINT, ach gníomh a deirtear. Is amhlaidh atá ó thaobh na Gaeilge di. D’fhéadfadh na mílte straitéis, scéim agus polasaí a bheith ann ó thaobh na Gaeilge di, ach muna bhfuil daoine toilteanach ár dteanga dhúchais a úsáid, ní fiú tráithnín iad. Premium service article

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