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29 July 2012 Edition

‘I have never needed you more than I need you now’

29 July 2012

National Hunger Strike Commemoration, Dungiven, County Derry | Home of H-Blocks Hunger Strike Martyr Kevin Lynch. On the eve of the National Hunger Strike Commemoration, GERALD LYNCH, Kevin’s brother, spoke to DALE MOORE about Kevin, his early life, his political involvement and his legacy. Premium service article

A brush with history

29 July 2012

Mural artist and sign writer Ivan Daniel emigrated to Ireland at the turn of the century from St Paul, Minnesota. He says that, as an artist and sign writer, he is trying to use his work to “reawaken the dormant spirit of resistance and activism that we know is inherently still there in Dubliners”. Free article

Olympics cheats

29 July 2012

AS SURE as there are Olympics every four years (barring global conflagrations), there shall be allegations, and indeed proof, of lads and girls cheating. And one can be fairly confident that some of those caught will be well-known personalities, although far be it from me to open a book on who he, she or they might be in 2012. Premium service article

A decade fighting for justice for Gerard

29 July 2012

22 JULY was the tenth anniversary of the murder of north Belfast teenager Gerard Lawlor, who was shot in the back as he walked home from the Bellevue Arms. He was shot for no other reason than he was a Catholic and he was a defenceless target. His killers were never charged even though their names were given to police by a witness after the attack. Premium service article

Leadership and vision remain essential

29 July 2012

CONFLICT RESOLUTION and peace building never conform to zero-sum terms or outcomes. Our own experience shows it’s much more complex than that. Free article

Orange Order’s conflicting ways

29 July 2012

WHEN Sinn Féin deputy Mayor of Belfast Tierna Cunningham condemns a paint bomb attack on the headquarters of the Orange Order in Belfast five days after The Twelfth Orange Order parades she is sending out a message to the attackers that their actions do not represent the wishes of the nationalist community. Free article

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The first Sinn Féin Mayor in Dublin since the Tan War

29 July 2012

CATHAL KING made history on 19 June when he became the first Sinn Féin mayor in Dublin since the Tan War. Cathal has made a name for himself in his home constituency of Tallaght South as a no-nonsense councillor deeply committed to standing up for ordinary people. An Phoblacht’s MARK MOLONEY caught up with him at South Dublin County Council to find out more about the new mayor and his plans for the fourth-largest population centre in the 26 Counties after Dublin City, Cork County Council and Fingal County Council. Premium service article

Developing a culture of tolerance and respect

29 July 2012

WHEN Sinn Féin were first approached Tierna Cunnigham about taking on the role as Deputy Mayor of Belfast, her first thoughts were of Marie Moore, the first Sinn Féin woman to hold the position. Marie died in March 2009. Premium service article

Labour lets moneylenders charge 210%

29 July 2012

MONEYLENDERS who charge sky-high interest rates can carry on regardless thanks to Fine Gael and Labour Party TDs who have voted down a Sinn Féin Bill to cap rates at 40% instead of up to 210%. Free article

Beauty and the media beast

29 July 2012

SOMETIMES, being a woman is hard. There are so many inequalities between men and women in today’s society that if I were to talk about each and every one of them, this article would be so long that I could probably copy and paste it to a word document, print it, send it to a publisher and make a hugely riveting and success novel out of it called ‘Why Bitches Be Crazy . . . At Gender Inequality And The Downfalls Of The Modern Day Gender Binary’. It might not be as successful as ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ but not every book can be about bondage and sexually aggressive men, okay? (You perverts!) Premium service article

Another Europe is possible

29 July 2012

Euro Parliament ‘steps up its game’ on illegal Israeli settlements and ACTA law ‘dead in the water’ Free article

Gilmore ar bhóthar na Glasaigh agus na PDs?

29 July 2012

BHÍ SOTAL James Reilly follasach maidir leis an gcaoi ar láimhseáil sé cás eirí as ceannasaí an HSE, Cathal McGee agus an easpa teagmhála le hAiri ón Lucht Oibre agus an Tánaiste faoin scéal. Rinneadh an scéal níos measa nuair a fuair muid amach go raibh fhios ag an Taoiseach faoin freisin agus nár bhfiú dó labhairt le hEamon Gilmore faoi ach an oiread - ná, nior luaigh ceachtar de Theachtaí Fhine Gael é ag an gcruinniú Rialtais, cé go raibh deacrachtai i bhFeidhmeannas na Seirbhísí Sláinte mar phríomhábhar pléite lena linn. Free article

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