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8 July 2004 Edition

The future is talking

8 July 2004

This Monday, the annual Twelfth of July Orange Order march will take place in north Belfast. The parade is the climax of the marching season and has become synonymous over the years with sectarian violence and triumphalism. In recent times, senior UDA figures have led the march through nationalist areas, waving UVF and UDA flags. Free article

The lesson of Drumcree

8 July 2004

If there's one lesson to be drawn from this year's Orange marching season and more particularly Drumcree, it is this. Exclusivity and the refusal to engage has led the Orange Order and the people they claim to represent into a political and cultural cul de sac. The bullyboys who were allowed full reign at Drumcree not only failed to defeat nationalist aspirations of equality and respect, they also drove many of their own supporters to question their own position. Free article

McDowell rants while Dublin/Monaghan families face further obstruction from two Governments

8 July 2004

This year is the 30th anniversary of the Dublin and Monaghan bombings. For eight of those years, the survivors and the bereaved relatives of the dead have been campaigning for a full international public inquiry into the atrocities. It was a demand that pre-dated the establishment of the Justice for the Forgotten group in 1996 but which they have championed ever since. Free article

Human Rights Commission in further resignation crisis

8 July 2004

The ill-fated Human Rights Commission was plunged into further crisis this week when yet another commissioner resigned. Patricia Kelly, who had been a commissioner since the body was established in 1999, and another colleague, Frank McGuinness, stopped short of resigning in September last year. Free article


Challenging the silence in North Antrim

8 July 2004

'Evil' is the way in which unionist councillors in Ballymoney describe their fellow councillor Philip McGuigan. They see his presence in the council chambers only in terms of "causing trouble". Sometimes, when Philip tables a motion before the council, a unionist mob appears in the public gallery to heckle and intimidate. But more often they just ignore him. Free article

No summer trolley break

8 July 2004

The Dáil rises for its summer recess this week but for patients on trolleys in Accident and Emergency units there was no summer break on offer, as neither the Taoiseach nor the Minister for Health and Children could offer any measure to address the growing crisis in our hospitals. Free article

September efforts will fail if governments abdicate responsibility

8 July 2004

Gerry Adams has warned the two governments that "any effort to resolve outstanding issues in September will fail if the British Government continues to try and abdicate any responsibility for the current crisis, or refuses to accept that it has a significant contribution to make to any agreement". Free article

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