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8 July 2004 Edition

'The best of times and the worst of times'

8 July 2004

This week, a feature film, based on the struggle of republican women prisoners in Armagh Jail for political status, has been running in Dublin. Although conceding the good intentions behind the project, women POWs who were in Armagh have criticised Silent Grace's portrayal of their part in the prison struggle. Here, former POW Sinéad Moore, Mairéad Farrell's longtime cellmate, tells JIM GIBNEY what it was really like. Free article

The 5th Column

8 July 2004

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Read on... Free article

Altered Images

8 July 2004

BY EOGHAN MAC CORMAIC - The art of tampering with the facts has a long and ignoble history. Altering words is relatively easy but paintings and photographs have in their day proved no great obstacle either. Think of the Pope who ordered nappies to be painted on otherwise uninhibited angels in the Cistine Chapel, think of Stalin airbrushing opponents out of photographs and all today's gadgetry on computers falls into context. There are those who want the truth and those who want to control it. Free article

Tráth na dTraonach

8 July 2004

The corncrake is the only Irish breeding bird that is threatened with global extinction. It certainly deserves some space, tolerance, time and a bit of TLC, writes AN DRAOI RUA Creidtear go raibh na mílte traonach le fáil ar fud na hÉireann go dtí lár na haoise seo chaite. Free article

Monsanto's Trojan Horse

8 July 2004

BY MICK DERRIG - As moviegoers are treated to Hollywood's take on Homer's classic about the destruction of Troy, nothing in the field of human conflict is new, except the weapons and the means of transportation. Free article

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