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27 January 2022 Edition

Misogyny causes and allows violence against women

27 January 2022

‘Gender based violence’. The use of this term, one might argue, is relatively novel in Ireland. The phenomenon itself is sadly not. A new way of describing, acknowledging, and challenging something that is as old as time itself. Free article

Collusion – hiding in plain sight

27 January 2022

Following the launch of the Operation Achille report by Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman Marie Anderson Peadar Whelan sums up the reactions, implications and limitations of this shocking publication Free article

Sinn Féin has stood up for workers and families

27 January 2022

To say it came as a shock when I was first asked to consider running in the Assembly Election in 2017 would be an understatement. I was used to, and more comfortable, being part of the backroom team; whether it was working over in Europe with our then four-person MEP team or as a press officer behind the camera helping our candidates and elected representatives dealing with the media. Free article

'Elite Nationalist Network', collusion and challenging the state narrative

27 January 2022

Emma McArdle challenges the recent claims by Kate Hoey, of an ‘elite nationalist network’, highlighting the reality of how Hoey’s comments are another chapter in a long chronicle of brutal suppression of nationalist rights and voices in the Six Counties. Free article

The long-lasting impact of Bloody Sunday

27 January 2022

Niall Meehan who witnessed the British Embassy in Dublin burn down three days after the Bloody Sunday massacre writes on the ongoing implications and impact of that day’s events on the media and political culture of the 26 Counties. Free article

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Na Gaeil Óga Gaelchlub i mBaile Átha Cliath

27 January 2022

Más rud é go mbíonn tú ag siúl leat i bPáirc an Fhionnuisce tráthnóna grianmhar éigin i lár an tsamhraidh agus go bhfeiceann tú scaifte daoine ag imirt peile ar cheann de na páirceanna fairsinge peile, b’fhéidir nach dtabharfá mórán airde orthu. Is é sin go dtí go dteann tú giota níos cóngaraí dóibh agus go gcluineann tú daoine ag scairteadh “tá mé anseo” nó “tabhair pas dom anois”. B’fhéidir go smaoineofá ansin - “Cad chuige faoi Dhia a bhfuil an bhaicle seo uilig ag labhairt i nGaeilge?” Free article

Nobody is safe until everyone is safe

27 January 2022

“Emergency Over” was the headline on the Irish Times the day after the Irish Government announced an end to most of the pandemic restrictions on 21 January. It was an announcement that was welcomed almost universally and certainly did constitute “a good day” for Ireland. Free article

Chile votes for dignity

27 January 2022

As hundreds of thousands spilled on to the streets of Santiago in December, Gabriel Boric scaled one of the city’s barricades to address the jubilant crowd. The 35 year old former student leader had just secured the highest number of votes of any president in Chile’s history. Free article

The voices of disadvantaged and marginalised women must be heard

27 January 2022

The National Collective of Community Based Women’s Networks (NCCWN) is a national women’s community development organisation, core funded by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, to advance disadvantaged women’s equality, women’s leadership and empowerment. Here, they outline the work of the collective. Free article

William Morris & Ireland

27 January 2022

In ‘Labouring Men’, the historian Eric Hobsbawm argues that “the really interesting and original contributions to Marxist theory in these islands came from men like William Morris and James Connolly.” Free article

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