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1 October 2014 Edition

Ian Paisley – demagogue or peacemaker?

1 October 2014

AS THE NEWS of Ian Paisley’s death at the age of 88 flooded the airwaves on Friday 12 September, it was clear that the broadcasters, commentators and politicians who went in front of the cameras and into print were caught between two stools. Free article

Taking urgent action on housing

1 October 2014

THE HOUSING CRISIS is deepening by the week. Some 90,000 households are in housing need across the 26 Counties. Each one of those 90,000 is a family or individual without a proper home. Premium service article

Looking at our past through a lens of generosity

1 October 2014

CONVERSATIONS involve sharing opinions, but we need to remember that opinions, however passionately held and compellingly presented, remain opinions. Too often they are presented as irrefutable facts which do not allow for an alternative point of view to be recognised. Free article

‘Bring welfare cuts debate to the Assembly’

1 October 2014

THE unionist parties wanting to impose welfare cuts ordered by the government at Westminster led by Tory millionaires should bring the legislation before the Assembly where it can be openly debated and voted on by MLAs in public, Martin McGuinness has said. Free article

Gearchéim feirmeoireachta san Iarthar

1 October 2014

LÉIRÍONN taighde atá foilsithe ag Teagasc maidir le h-ioncam na dteaghlaigh feirme go bhfuil deighilt shuntasach idir fheirmeoirí san iarthar agus i gceantar na teorainn agus iad siúd sa chuid eile den tír ó thaobh teacht isteach di. Bhi an t-eolas dhá chur i láthair ag comhdháil dá gcuid maidir le forbairt tuaithe le déanaí. Free article

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13 MEPs blocked by Israel from seeing Gaza carnage first-hand

1 October 2014

THE 13 Members of the European Parliament refused entry to Gaza by Israel last month are not giving up, delegation leader and Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has told An Phoblacht. Free article

EU hears survivors’ tales of horror from Ireland’s ‘mother and baby homes’

1 October 2014

THERE were emotional scenes in the European Parliament when survivors of Ireland’s ‘mother and baby homes’ were hosted in Brussels by Sinn Féin to give first-hand accounts of the trauma they went through and have lived with for decades since. Free article

North’s political logjam requires engagement and visionary leadership

1 October 2014

THE INTRASIGENCE of political unionism has been emboldened by the British Government’s refusal to endorse the Haass package, Sinn Féin National Chairperson Declan Kearney told the 26th Desmond Greaves School in Dublin. Free article

Policing – 15 years on from Patten

1 October 2014

OUR EXPERIENCE of policing has been totally transformed over the course of the last 15 years. Free article

Paradise Island

1 October 2014

Robert Allen reports from Inis Oírr in the Aran Islands Free article

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