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31 March 2013 Edition

An Roinn Easláinte

31 March 2013

MÁS LÉARGAS ar chomh folláin is atá Rialtas ar bith an slí atá an Roinn Sláinte atá faoina gcúram ag feidhmiú, tá an Rialtas seo thar a bheith tinn. Premium service article

Equality, parity of esteem and developing a reconciliation process

31 March 2013

DR HEATHER MORRIS, in line to take up the post of the first female President of the Methodist Church in Ireland in June after being elected in June of last year, was an invited speaker to the Sinn Féin National Youth Congress held in Belfast on 1/2 March. The Methodist Church operates across the island of Ireland and the Methodist community in Ireland numbers about 53,000. The Director of Ministry at the Edgehill Theological College in Belfast told her audience of young republicans that “taking parity of esteem seriously rather than just nodding in its direction, doing the hard work of developing a reconciliation process, is going to take effort and it is going to cost”. This is what the President-designate of the Methodist Church in Ireland said to the Sinn Féin National Youth Congress. Free article

Unionism: 15 years after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement

31 March 2013

AS THE 15th anniversary of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement occurs on 10 April, I am thinking of two distinctively different press conferences: one associated with the Good Friday Agreement, and both involving the former leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, Ian Paisley. Premium service article

Violent undercurrents of Union flag protests

31 March 2013

An Phoblacht’s PEADAR WHELAN chronicles here some of the numerous attacks that have taken place, exposing the nonsense that that flags protesters have somehow been discriminated against. Free article

Hatred of democracy

31 March 2013

In Greece, Italy and Cyprus ‘the people’ are re-emerging as an active political player. They are refusing to play by the rules of choreographed professional politics Premium service article

Planned robbery of Cyprus leaves euro crisis worse than ever

31 March 2013

THE planned EU robbery of Cyprus has blown back in the faces of the top Eurocrats and their political masters in Germany — firstly because of the magnificent resistance of the people of Cyprus who refused to acquiesce in this robbery, but secondly because of concern throughout Europe that the Troika proposals undermine the basis of trust on which any region’s banking system is based. Premium service article

Sharing the burden?

31 March 2013

SO HOW has your wage packet performed in the first three months of 2013? A bit lighter again? Maybe not if you are a Bank of Ireland CEO or one of his chums, a hospital consultant, or an RTÉ broadcaster lecturing us not to be greedy in these times of austerity. Free article

Waterford fishermen’s lifeline to Gaza

31 March 2013

In November 2011, Irish Friends of Palestine activists and fishermen PAT FITZGERALD and JOHN HEARNE (both also Sinn Féin councillors in Waterford) and BILLY SMYTH were arrested as they took part in an attempt to breach the siege of Gaza onboard the MV Saoirse. The men were held in an Israeli prison for more than a week before being thrown out of the country. Free article

Where now for Irish after Seachtain na Gaeilge?

31 March 2013

WITH the memory of Seachtain na Gaeilge beginning to fade away it is perhaps timely to take stock of the situation of Gaeilge — the Irish language. While Irish is undoubtedly THE national language of this nation, it has been a minority language since the end of the Great Hunger of the 1840s following centuries of violence, persecution, marginalisation and discouragement by the English colonial authorities, and then decades of lip-service, neglect and often outright hostility by the 26-county state. Free article


31 March 2013

IRISHMEN AND IRISHWOMEN: In the name of God and of the dead generations from which she receives her old tradition of nationhood, Ireland, through us, summons her children to her flag and strikes for her freedom. Free article

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