31 March 2013 Edition

From dreamers to builders: Britain’s welfare state

31 March 2013

THE SPIRIT OF ‘45 is Ken Loach’s new documentary on the British Labour government that came to power at the end of the Second World War in 1945 and its development of the welfare state, the National Health Service and decent public housing. Free article

France’s deadly pacific siege

31 March 2013

MULTI-AWARD-WINNING director Mathieu Kassovitz’s Rebellion tackles one of the most controversial incidents in recent French history: the 1988 siege and ‘hostage crisis’ after independence activists stormed a police station on the tiny pacific island of Ouvéa in the French colony of New Caledonia. The episode left more than 20 people dead. Free article

As down the glen one Easter morn . . .

31 March 2013

THE 1916 Easter Rising holds an ever-evolving and expanding fascination. In military terms it was not a major battle, albeit in a capital city. Casualties were in the hundreds at a time when thousands were being slaughtered every day on the killing fields of Flanders. But politically the consequences of the Rising were huge – epoch-making in the history of Ireland, crucial in the history of the British Empire. Free article

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