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20 July 2006 Edition

The Michel McLaughlin Column - Policing - The nationalist experience

20 July 2006

The British Secretary of State, Peter Hain, speaking at the Mc Gill Summer School in Glenties, Co. Donegal again attempted to muddy the waters around the issue of acceptable policing. In an attempt to deflect attention away from the British government failure to deliver what was promised in the Patten Report Mr Hain disingenuously tried to differentiate between support of constitutional policing structures and support for the delivery of policing on the ground. Free article

Interview: Seanna Walsh, Sinn Féin Roinn an Chultúir

20 July 2006

Slógadh Shinn Féin, the annual Irish language event, takes place this weekend in Belfast. Here, SEANNA WALSH head of Sinn Féin's Roinn an Chultúir, explains the thinking behind plans to make Irish the working language of Sinn Féin Free article

Interview Olive Sloan, Sinn Féin National Administrator

20 July 2006

Breaking out of the frame Over the past few months An Phoblacht's ELLA O'DWYER has spoken to several women holding down key positions within the Sinn Féin party structure. This week she spoke with the party's national Administrator Olive Sloan. Free article

Remembering 1981 Devlin replaces Hurson. Riot at Brittish embassy

20 July 2006

Dublin - British Embassy riot • An injured demonstrator, streaming with blood, is brought to hospital On Saturday, 18 July 1981 a peaceful protest in Dublin in support of the Hunger Strikers turned into a full-blown riot when Gardaí in riot gear blocked the route to the British Embassy. An estimated 20,000 marchers were making their way to the embassy when they were brutally assaulted as the Gardaí protected the representative of a British government that had effectively killed six Hunger Strikers at that stage. Free article

OPINION More strategic, integrated approach needed to tackle unionist veto

20 July 2006

Addressing the issue of republican outreach, DOMHNALL Ó COBHTHAIGH argues for Sinn Féin party structures, particularly MLAs to focus on the next few months as a short-term window of opportunity to really engage with civil society. Free article

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Right wing think tanks The Irish connection

20 July 2006

The last 50 years has seen the proliferation of 'think tanks' providing books for libraries, articles for newspapers, 'experts' for radio and television, academics for seminars and advice and policy recommendations for politicians. Many are funded by wealthy businesses interests and provide free market economic solutions to society's ills. Free article

Social Partnership: ICTU leadership has failed in talks objectives

20 July 2006

Right wing think tanks The Irish connection by Eamon Dunne As union members debate the latest partnership deal in the 26 Counties - Towards 2016, EDDIE CONLON, Former Honourary Secretary of the Teachers' Union of Ireland calls for the deal to be rejected arguing that it will lead to further privatisation, contains no commitment to public ownership, will not stop the erosion of pension schemes, and imposes further restrictions on unions. Free article

The Matt Treacy Column

20 July 2006

World's biggest sporting crowd so far this summer see Dubs triumph Free article

Cúlchaint le Seán ó Donaile

20 July 2006

"Beidh an traen seo dhá uair a chloig mall de dheasca fadhb ar an líne ag Hazelhatch.......Tá an brón ar Iarnród Éireann....."; tá sé greannmhar an bealach nach athraíonn rudaí áraithe sa Ré Nua - tá CIE fós ag iompar paisinéirí ar bhuicéid meirgeach gan fuinneoga, gan carráistí aer oiriúnaithe agus níl sé ach ocht euro i gcomhair ceapaire ubh brúite gorm 's dubh. Free article

Media view

20 July 2006

Restricting media won't make it more progressive It's time to confront the revisionists who have infiltrated the pages of An Phoblacht! Last week An Phoblacht became the only newspaper in the country to welcome Michael McDowell's privacy bill, an understandable but completely wrong-headed reaction to decades of anti-republican bile from the media. Free article

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