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Remembering Óglach Tina Shannon

6 July 2022

Republicans across Ireland were saddened to hear of the death of Tina Shannon last week. Many travelled to her funeral in Dublin where Eamonn Nolan gave the graveside oration for a remarkable and courageous republican activist. Free article

The IRA Convention of March 1922

25 March 2022

The period after the narrow Dáil vote in favour of the Treaty in January 1922 saw division between the pro and anti-Treaty sides widening but also many efforts to maintain unity and to prevent armed conflict. Free article

‘An incredible Read’ Jim McVeigh’s 'Stolen Faith' reviewed

25 March 2022

‘A powerful read and a fitting testament to all those who suffered at the hands of the State and Church in their horrific institutions’. Kathleen Function reviews Jim McVeigh’s 'Stolen Faith'. Free article

DUP stance on Assembly Executive hurting unionist families

24 March 2022

With just six weeks to the Assembly election the DUP are putting electoral concerns ahead of supporting tens of thousands of vulnerable children Free article

Orange state terror - the Cromwell Club

23 March 2022

One hundred years ago the new state of ‘Northern Ireland’ was being consolidated by the Unionist Party, the Orange Order and the British crown forces by means of sectarian terror against the non-unionist population, especially in Belfast. Free article

Failure by this British government to deliver Acht Gaeilge will be a new act of deceit – Declan Kearney

18 March 2022

Writing in his latest blog, Declan Kearney said failure by the British government to deliver Acht Gaeilge will be a new act of deceit. Free article

Amnesty International finds Israel guilty of crimes against humanity

16 March 2022

A recent Amnesty International report has found Israel to be an “Apartheid State” and guilty of “crimes against humanity” through depriving Palestinians of their rights under international law. Free article

We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine

11 March 2022

Invasion, occupation, weapons and wars should belong to the past; the future of Europe, and humanity, must be peace! Sinn Féin MP Chris Hazzard’s speech to the March 5th Stop the War Coalition rally in London. Free article

Irish language rights still being denied

10 March 2022

As the North’s Education Authority cut funding for Irish language youth provision in West Belfast Sinn Féin highlight the British government’s unfulfilled commitment to implement the Irish Language Act. Free article

Putin’s war on Ukraine, the NATO-Russia stand-off and Irish neutrality

7 March 2022

International pressure must be maintained on Russia to end its war on Ukraine and to withdraw its military forces writes Mícheál Mac Donncha Free article

Civility and political differences should not be mutually exclusive - Reflecting on our politics & Christopher Stalford

1 March 2022

In his latest blog, Declan Kearney reflects on politics in the north and that civility and political differences should not be mutually exclusive. Free article

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