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Thirty thousand, four hundred and ninety two...

9 April 2021

DANNY MORRISON was editor of An Phoblacht/Republican News and Sinn Féin Director of Publicity in 1981 and was a key contact between the protesting prisoners in the H-Blocks and the Republican Movement outside the jail. A former republican POW himself, Morrison was elected as a Sinn Féin member of a Six County Assembly in 1982. He became a full time writer in the 1990s. He is secretary of the Bobby Sands Trust. This article first appeared in the Andersonstown News on the 20th anniversary of the election of Bobby Sands. Free article

The Partition plot – hatched in deception, enforced in terror

21 December 2020

The centenary of the passing of the 1920 Government of Ireland Act falls on 23 December, the day 100 years ago when the legislation received ‘royal assent’ and became law, setting the British legal framework for the Partition of Ireland. The British government plot to divide Ireland was long in the making and it was accomplished by a combination of deception and terror. Free article

The co-option of Seamus Heaney

18 December 2020

In this article, Ciarán Quinn writes about the attempts by the NIO to appropriate the poetry of Seamus Heaney and his legacy as part of it's publicity campaign on the centenary of partition. Free article

Spanish Government’s bad faith undermines Basque Peace initiatives

18 December 2020

Spanish Supreme Court ignores European Court of Human Rights judgement, as government undermines Basque peace process. Free article

Cork City torched, Dublin City Hall seized

11 December 2020

The burning of Cork City centre 100 years ago this week was not only one of the worst ‘reprisals’ carried out by British crown forces, it was also a direct attack on democracy with the destruction of the City Hall, seat of the City Council. That attack on democracy was seen again soon afterwards in Dublin when British forces seized the City Hall. 

The Auxiliaries went on a... Free article

McGurk's campaigners raise freedom of information request

11 December 2020

On the 29th anniversary of the McGurk’s bar bombing relatives have called for the PSNI to disclose the source of the RUC misinformation claims about the tragic event. Free article

‘History wars’ deflect from national reconciliation & Irish unity – Declan Kearney

11 December 2020

Writing his latest blog article, Declan Kearney has said the time has finally arrived to begin a matured, reasoned and inclusive discussion about the future of our island. Free article

Root problems facing workers and families must be tackled - Archibald

2 December 2020

Writing for An Phoblacht, Sinn Féin's economy spokesperson Caoimhe Archibald MLA addresses a Universal Basic Income and the need to address the route problems facing workers' and families. Free article

Cruel and shameful denial of Finucane inquiry once again exposes British 'justice'

30 November 2020

The cruel and shameful decision by the British government not to hold a public inquiry into the murder of human rights lawyer Pat Finucane has once again exposed the fact that British state is unwilling and unable to admit to its role in the conflict. Free article

Journalists get landmark damages from PSNI over Loughinisland arrest

27 November 2020

Two journalists who highlighted the extent of British collusion with loyalists in the Loughinisland massacre will receive a huge payout in damages from the PSNI after a legal case over their arrest and the unlawful seizure of their files. Free article

Remembering the Past – Centenary of the Kilmichael ambush

27 November 2020

On the late afternoon of Sunday 28 November 1920, the flying column of the Third West Cork Brigade of the Irish Republican Army lay concealed in ambush positions in a rocky, heathery glen. Their leader was Tom Barry, a former member of the British Army, who had joined the Republican Movement and helped to pioneer guerilla warfare by the IRA’s flying columns. Free article

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