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Shane MacGowan: A troubadour for the Irish in London

30 November 2023

“The Pogues were also unashamedly abrasive and political, at a time when being political about Ireland in Britain was no easy task”. Joe Dwyer offers a tribute to Pogues lead singer Shane MacGowan whose death was announced today. Free article

GFA anniversary underlines international significance of Ireland’s peace process

25 April 2023

Writing for An Phoblacht, Declan Kearney has said the 25th anniversary of the GFA underlines international significance of Ireland’s peace process. Free article

Centenary of the death of Liam Lynch

9 April 2023

Liam Lynch died around 8.45pm on the evening of 10 April 1923, 100 years ago. His death signalled the end of the war and moves were made soon after to conclude that phase of the IRA’s campaign. Free article

History in the Making

8 April 2023

Pádraic Wilson was the Officer Commanding Republican Prisoners in the H-Blocks from 1996 to 1999. Here he writes of the key events within the prisons in the months before and after the Good Friday Agreement. Free article

Remembering Good Friday 1998

7 April 2023

Former Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams takes us inside the last hours of the talks that culminated in the Good Friday Agreement. Free article

Easter Week 1916 Remembered in Glasgow

29 March 2023

Hundreds of people turned out for Glasgow’s 1916 Easter Rising Commemoration last weekend. Sinn Féin TD Pádraig Mac Lochlainn was the main speaker. Free article

‘Let us end futile recriminations’ - towards a new, united future

26 March 2023

Writing in his latest blog, Declan Kearney says it’s time to end ‘futile recriminations’ and move towards a new, united future. Free article

Sinn Féin on Councils leads eviction ban fight

21 March 2023

Sinn Féin Councillors have been leading the fight on the Councils for the reversal of the Fianna Fáil-Fine Gael-Green Government decision to lift the ban on evictions at the end of March. In one Council the entire Sinn Féin group walked out in protest after the mayor refused to allow discussion of their emergency motion. Free article

Centenary of the Drumboe Martyrs

12 March 2023

November 1922 saw a general sweep by Free Staters through Donegal in an effort to end Republican opposition in the county. This sweep was successful in that it captured the vast bulk of Volunteers operating in the county or forced them to go on the run in other counties. Free article

Let us salute Óglach Rita O'Hare

10 March 2023

A life time of activism was marked and celebrated this week at the funeral of Rita O’Hare, a former editor of An Phoblacht, Sinn Féin Director of Publicity, and IRA volunteer. Free article

Former An Phoblacht Editor Rita O’Hare has passed away

4 March 2023

A highly intelligent and strategic political thinker, Rita was also an articulate communicator and skilled publicist who was to the fore in pushing the boundaries, allowing Sinn Féin to develop into the modern, successful and popular political party that it is today. Rita’s key role in these developments will be her enduring political legacy. Free article

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