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2 October 2017 Edition

‘For reconstruction we must remember, and for reconciliation we must forgive’

2 October 2017

THE 2017 Tyrone Volunteers Commemoration was held in Strabane on Sunday 24 September after a parade across the Border from Lifford, emphasising the strong links between County Donegal and County Tyrone. Mary Lou McDonald TD, Sinn Féin deputy leader, gave the main address, paying tribute to the sacrifice and commitment of republicans in the region and setting out Sinn Féin’s commitment to political institutions in the North that deliver in the manner and terms agreed since the Good Friday Agreement. Free article

It’s make your mind up time for political unionism

2 October 2017

SINN FÉIN’S strategic project is to transform Irish society. Equality, rights and inclusion are essential to that process. Free article

Capturing an outrageous thought

2 October 2017

Former H-Blocks prisoner Laurence McKeown reviews the new movie on the 1983 ‘Great Escape’ from Long Kesh, ‘Maze’ Free article

Nothing new in Malachi O’Doherty’s new book on Adams

2 October 2017

THE BEST BIOGRAPHIES detail the experiences that mould and shape the life of their subject. We travel with the biographer as we discover the new, the unknown actions, and untold anecdotes that reveal the person. Free article

Secure homes must surely be a policy priority

2 October 2017

MOST PEOPLE are fortunate enough never to have to experience homelessness. But for those of us who have, it can be a traumatic experience, notoriously difficult to escape from, with far-reaching and long-lasting consequences. Free article

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‘It was Sheena who turned our electoral theory into practice’ – Gerry Adams

2 October 2017

SHEENA did not see her killer. She sat with her back to her assassin who, holding a handkerchief over his face, shot her through the heart. With a final coup de gráce he stood over her and fired one last shot into her head. The remarkable life of Sheena Campbell was over. Free article

Leo’s ‘Republic of Opportunity’ protects the status quo

2 October 2017

THE TWO conservative parties in this state have shared power between them since the foundation of the 26-County state. Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have swapped places several times from the Opposition to the Government benches but the policies remain the same. Free article

Nach ngoilleann cás na dtóigeálaithe ort?

2 October 2017

SEA, goilleann sé go mór cás na dtóigeálaithe is na dtiarnaí talún. D’réir tuairisc san Irish Times, ní féidir le tóigeálaí ionad cónaí a dhíol ar €325,000 toisc go bhfuil an corrlach ró-bheag le brabús a dhéanamh. Níl aon leigheas ar an scéal truaímhéalach seo ach an t-ualach cánach ar an tóigeálaí a laghdú. Free article

Whistleblowers, RTÉ and the licence fee

2 October 2017

RTÉ has warned staff that they will be “held to account” after an anonymous Twitter account claiming to be a long-time station producer took to the web to divulge information about life at the station. Free article

Laying the foundations

2 October 2017

ON 26 June 2017, I had the honour to be elected Ardmhéara Bhaile Átha Cliath in Dublin’s City Hall. Exactly 20 years earlier, on 26 June 1997, Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin walked through the gates of Leinster House, on the new Dáil’s first sitting day, as the first participating Sinn Féin TD, proudly representing the people of Cavan and Monaghan. Free article

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