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4 July 2016 Edition

Collusion in the DNA of the RUC and British Army

4 July 2016

THE RELEASE of the second report by the North’s Police Ombudsman into the 1994 killings of six nationalist men in the Heights Bar, Loughinisland, County Down, as they watched a soccer World Cup match between Ireland and Italy has forced many aspects of collusion into the public arena. Free article

Teanga Ár Linne, Slí Beatha Ár Linne

4 July 2016

Is gníomhaí óg 19 bliain d’aois Cormac O’Hagan. Is as an Lorgain i gContae Ard Mhacha é agus tá sé ag déanamh staidéir ar an Ghaeilge in Ollscoil Uladh i nDoire. Is mac garpháiste é de chuid J. B. O’Hagan ar cheannaire cáiliúil poblachtach é ó bhí na 1940í ann. Free article

Shane Ross - 'Independent' cog fits neatly in Fine Gael machine

4 July 2016

AS the LUAS light rail dispute rumbled on in Dublin City's transport network, new Dáil Transport Minister Shane Ross's unwillingness to weigh in and help find a solution indicated he would be perpetuating Fine Gael's hands-off approach to industrial disputes. Free article

The poacher you are, The player you get

4 July 2016

YOU WON'T FIND “Galway Bay Lobster” on a restaurant menu anytime soon anywhere near you, especially if you live in Ireland. No. Free article

Céard is brí le Scéim Bhunioncaimmar a pléadh san Eilbhéis?

4 July 2016

BHÍ REIFREANN san Eilbhéis le deireannas, agus séard a bhí faoi chaibidil acu ná moladh go n-íocfaí bun-ioncaim do gach duine atá ina chónaí go dlisteanach sa stát, gan choinníol ar bith. Free article

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Because you have an AK47, it doesn’t make you a freedom fighter

4 July 2016

DANNY MORRISON gave the main oration in west Belfast on Saturday 11 June for his late friend and comrade Seándo Moore as part of a number of commemorations for Beechmount IRA Volunteers to be held throughout the centenary of the 1916 Rising. At Seándo’s funeral on 15 June 2010, Danny described his fellow activist as part of “a real people’s army with support on every street”. Free article

Duine v Dúlra

4 July 2016

TÁ CÁS ardchúirte taréis cnámh spáirne na srianta comhshaoil a thabhairt chun cinn i gConamara arís. Free article

Reconciliation: As I See It – Kyle Paisley

4 July 2016

I LOVE the word reconciliation – it is a good word. It is misunderstood by the ill-informed. It is misrepresented by those who count negativity a virtue. It is considered a dangerous compromise by men who believe that honour lies in justice without any admixture of mercy. Still, reconciliation is a good thing – a great thing! Free article

Home truths – Pat Magee

4 July 2016

OLD RIVAL VERITIES of Orange and Green, of the struggle against colonialism and that between empires, have been subject to fresh scrutiny in the run-up to and during this Decade of Centenaries – of the Easter Rising, of the Somme, of partition. Free article

Hesitant Comrades – The Irish Revolution and the British Labour Movement

4 July 2016

GEOFFREY BELL is a Belfast-born but London-based writer and socialist political activist. As a young student in Derry he participated in the early Civil Rights Movement from 1968 to 1972. Free article

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