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3 March 2013 Edition

Still drawing from the musical well

3 March 2013

BY THE TIME you read this, Damien Dempsey will probably be in Australia, where he starts a tour at the beginning of March. When I spoke to him in Dublin he was looking forward to singing his songs for the new wave of post-Celtic Tiger Irish emigrants. Free article

A traumatic time, a time of bravery and courage

3 March 2013

6 March 1988: Three IRA Volunteers – Mairéad Farrell, Seán Savage and Dan McCann – were gunned down in broad daylight by the British Army’s elite SAS. They became the latest victims of the unofficial British policy of the time – shoot to kill. They were unarmed. They were heavily outnumbered and surrounded by the SAS and numerous police and security units. They never had a chance. The killings in Gibraltar were to trigger a tragic series of events that was to claim many more lives. It was a traumatic time but also a time of bravery, courage and republican resilience. Premium service article

Engaging with other republicans

3 March 2013

FOUR DECADES of struggle have seen significant political advances in the struggle for independence and national democracy. Modern republicanism has never been stronger. Premium service article

I dtreo na hArd Fheise

3 March 2013

NÍ AIREOIDH muid an t-am ag sleamhnú isteach go mbeidh Ard Fheis Shinn Féin ar siúl i gCaisleán a’Bharraigh. Beidh an ócáid mhór ar siúl ar an 12 agus 13 Aibreán agus tá na hullmhúcháin ag dul ar aghaidh go maith. Free article

US colonel who resigned over Iraq War talks to An Phoblacht

3 March 2013

In February, ex-soldier and US State Department diplomat Ann Wright, now peace activist, was on a speaking tour of Ireland organised by the Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA) and the Irish Anti-War Movement, including meeting MLAs at the Assembly in Stormont and briefing Oireachtas members at Leinster House. Ann took time out to talk to An Phoblacht’s MARK MOLONEY. Premium service article

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Echoes of the Magdalene women

3 March 2013

THE EMOTION in the air in the Dáil public gallery was palpable when the Taoiseach at last made the long-fought-for apology to the women of the Magdalene Laundries. Tears of sadness, joy and relief started to flow. As the women held and supported each other through the speeches from TDs it was hard not to be overcome with the sense of sadness and hurt that was in the atmosphere. Free article

Compensate the Bethany survivors

3 March 2013

SURVIVORS of Dublin’s Protestant-run Bethany Home welcome the Taoiseach’s apology to Magdalene Laundries survivors and the plan to compensate them. They especially welcomed the Government’s decision to include Stanhope Street Training Centre as that had been excluded from consideration by the Martin McAleese inquiry into the laundries. Free article

Government dresses up defeat as victory on Anglo Irish Bank

3 March 2013

An Phoblacht’s MARK MOLONEY met PEARSE DOHERTY to see what the ‘debt deal’ really means for the state and its people. Premium service article

Not just for Gaeilgeoirí

3 March 2013

AFTER much hassling from my favourite editor I decided that it’s time to reach out as béarla to all of you who have a grá for our language but maybe baulk at the idea of spending a whole weekend with Gaeilgeoirí. We are going to have a Slógadh Weekend in Belfast in the second weekend in March (keep it free). Free article

Is Left unity an illusion?

3 March 2013

THE opinion polls give consistently very comforting news for Sinn Féin, with the party’s support nearly double what is scored in the Dáil general election in 2011. Premium service article

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