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4 November 2012 Edition

Martin McGuinness: ‘A united Ireland is inevitable’

4 November 2012

AN PHOBLACHT last interviewed MARTIN McGUINNESS during his election campaign for President of Ireland. One year on – after coming a very creditable third of seven candidates and winning twice as many votes as Fine Gael’s Gay Mitchell – Martin spoke to us about the political state of play. Free article

Budget 2012: We need a Plan B

4 November 2012

RISING UNEMPLOYMENT, poverty and emigration, cuts in esssential public services and the unravelling of community supports is the dismal backdrop to the looming budget to be announced on 5 December. Premium service article

John Walker, Birmingham Six: The people who framed us have never been brought to account

4 November 2012

Little did I know at that stage it would be 16 years before I would set foot on a street again as the British demanded their pound of flesh and we were to be it Free article

Athchóiriú gan cumhachtaí, athchóiriú gan mhaith

4 November 2012

FUAIR PLEAN Phil Hogan i dtaobh athchóiriú an rialtais áitiúil an-chuid poiblíochta nuair a foilsíodh é, agus an rialtas ag maíomh gan séanadh gurb é an t-athchóiriú ba dhoimhne in Éirinn é le céad bliain. Free article

Protecting children

4 November 2012

THERE ARE some things that stay with you, that crystalise your view and set your perspective. The Roscommon abuse case, which came to light in 2009, stays with me. It confirmed in my mind the absolute necessity for the state to protect children, to intervene where a child is not safe in their own home. Free article

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TG4 reveals scandalous secret council deals with developers

4 November 2012

Secret deals and agreements between Dublin City Council management and developers, the misuse of the Compulsory Purchase Order process to benefit one developer, and the deception of the public and public representatives, all featured in the revelations Premium service article

Dlí amháin do na hÉireannnaigh agus dlí eile do na mionlaigh

4 November 2012

‘THUG MÉ VÓTA cheana dhuit, ach ní bhfaighfidh arís uaim é’, a deir ‘Karen’ ina litir. ‘Níl ionat ach ‘goody, goody’ atá ag briseadh do chroí ar son ‘tincéirí’ agus ‘teifigh’. Ba cheart go mbeadh ciall agat’. Premium service article

Chumbawamba: Christy Moore was a huge influence

4 November 2012

Chumbawamba's ever-present ALLAN ‘BOFF’ WHALLEY (vocals, guitar, ukelele and clarinet) spoke to JOHN HEDGES about their turbulent, tubthumping three decades since 1982 beating the drum for fun and giving another dimension to political action in words and music. Free article

A level playing field

4 November 2012

TWENTY-FOUR HOURS before the 2012 GAA All-Stars were announced, news bulletins bristled with breathless predictions. No one but the selection panel could know for sure but, with the supreme performance of Donegal, the county was expected to take the lion’s share of awards. With the announcement made in the week before Hallowe’en, news reports trumpeted the results. Premium service article

Ulster Protestants against Carsonism

4 November 2012

BY THE END OF 1913, the campaign against Home Rule for Ireland organised by the Ulster Unionists and their allies in the Conservative and Unionist Party — better known as the Tories — in Britain had reached a crescendo. The Ulster Volunteers had been established as well as a ‘Provisional Government’, which threatened to seize power if Home Rule became law. Free article

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