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4 November 2012 Edition

Maureen Maguire

4 November 2012

MAUREEN MAGUIRE is one of those people that the Republican Movement has always relied on — there to do the day-to-day basic yet important tasks and also be there to do what’s necessary in emergencies, particularly in a hostile environment like England in the 1970s, ‘in the belly of the beast’. Premium service article

Ulster Protestants against Carsonism

4 November 2012

BY THE END OF 1913, the campaign against Home Rule for Ireland organised by the Ulster Unionists and their allies in the Conservative and Unionist Party — better known as the Tories — in Britain had reached a crescendo. The Ulster Volunteers had been established as well as a ‘Provisional Government’, which threatened to seize power if Home Rule became law. Free article

John Walker, Birmingham Six: The people who framed us have never been brought to account

4 November 2012

Little did I know at that stage it would be 16 years before I would set foot on a street again as the British demanded their pound of flesh and we were to be it Free article

Pitchfork Murders: cover-up by British Army exposed

4 November 2012

A NEW book reveals evidence that undermines the official version of events surrounding ‘The Pitchfork Murders’, when British soldiers killed two Newtownbutler men in what the author calls a pre-planned slaughter designed to terrify the nationalist and republican people of Fermanagh. Premium service article

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