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29 April 2014 Edition

No holds barred in Establishment attacks on Sinn Féin

29 April 2014

WITH the consistent growth in Sinn Féin’s electoral support North and South, there has been an increasingly frenetic media campaign of demonisation and distortion - in which the notorious Sunday Independent has played a leading, though not exclusive, role. Free article

Anglo Irish Bank – First bankers convicted

29 April 2014

THE IRISH PUBLIC are still waiting for justice to be served on those culpabale for the Irish banking crisis, Sinn Féin’s Pearse Doherty said after Anglo Irish Bank former CEO Seán FitzPatrick was cleared of all charges of permitting unlawful financial assistance to the so-called ‘Maple 10’ or ‘Golden Circle’ group of investors and members of businessman Seán Quinn’s family to buy shares in the bank. Free article

A challenge for Irish republicans, a gesture of respect to unionists

29 April 2014

THE presence of Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness at the state visit of the President of Ireland to Britain in April was a a “significant political and symbolic challenge” for Irish republicans, Martin McGuinness acknowledged, but he added: “My presence alongside Peter Robinson brings an all-island dimension to this historic event which, it is worth noting, has taken 93 years to happen.” Free article

Urgent political action required following Windsor Castle gestures

29 April 2014

CHANGE is happening all over Ireland because of the Irish Peace Process. The nature of that change has different dynamics North and South and is now impacting upon the historic colonial relationship between Britain and Ireland. And this is happening against the backdrop of our conflict resolution process. Free article

Commemoration, memory and history

29 April 2014

WHO remembers Slobodan Milosevic? He was a hero to some; to others he was ‘The Butcher of the Balkans’, the person who brought genocide and slaughter back to Europe after the Nazi atrocities earlier in the 20th century. Free article

Tá Fírinne na hÍoslainn Ró-Shearbh do RTÉ

29 April 2014

Bíonn an fhírinne searbh, mar deir an sean-fhocal, agus sampla maith de chruinneas an ráitis sin na scéal eacnamaíocht na hÍoslainne. Agus is fírinne í a rinne RTÉ a ndícheall a cheilt ar Prime Time ar na mallaibh. Free article

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Republicans stand up for equality, human rights and social justice for all

29 April 2014

AFTER taking part with President Michael D. Higgins and Irish Government ministers in the Irish state commemoration of the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin on Easter Sunday morning, joint First Minister Martin McGuinness was the main speaker at the Easter commemoration in Monaghan town. The Sinn Féin leader said that “shared hurts need to be acknowledged, lessened and, if possible, healed”. Free article

British Government facilitates unionist intransigence

29 April 2014

IT IS NOW several months since Richard Haass and Meghan O’Sullivan put forward their recommendations following their talks with the parties in the North. That period has seen an abject failure by the leadership of political unionism, blocking the proposals and, most recently, the cynical attempts to whip up a fake firestorm over the OTR (‘On the Runs’) issue as a smokescreen. Free article

Sinn Féin plans for 1916 Revolutionary Quarter

29 April 2014

GERRY ADAMS was joined on Easter Sunday by relatives of some of those who fought and died during Easter Week 1916 to officially launch Sinn Féin’s proposals to establish a revolutionary quarter around the buildings and lanes of history where the last act in the drama of the 1916 Easter Week took place. Free article

Kevin Sharkey – sees the big picture

29 April 2014

Charles Saatchi, Whitney Huston, Matt Lucas, Courtney Love, Michael Portillo and Kate Moss have all bought his paintings – now Ireland’s most prolific artist tells JOHN HEDGES why he's joined Sinn Féin Free article

Fighting for an Ghaeilge at every level

29 April 2014

West Belfast MLA Rosie McCorley explains why Sinn Féin is backing Foras na Gaeilge proposals Premium service article

Sinn Féin minister shows the way with Casement Park social clauses

29 April 2014

MINISTER CARÁL NÍ CHUILÍN has outlined the social clauses imposed by her Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL) on employers vying for contracts to build the new multi-million pound Casement Park stadium in west Belfast. Free article

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