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29 April 2014 Edition

No holds barred in Establishment attacks on Sinn Féin

29 April 2014

WITH the consistent growth in Sinn Féin’s electoral support North and South, there has been an increasingly frenetic media campaign of demonisation and distortion - in which the notorious Sunday Independent has played a leading, though not exclusive, role. Free article

Stand up and be counted get out and vote

29 April 2014

AS European and local elections take place in May across Ireland, North and South, An Phoblacht’s MARK MOLONEY spoke to Sinn Féin deputy leader MARY LOU McDONALD TD at her constituency office in Dublin’s north inner city to talk about candidates, opinion polls and the hectic final run-in to polling day. Premium service article

Urgent political action required following Windsor Castle gestures

29 April 2014

CHANGE is happening all over Ireland because of the Irish Peace Process. The nature of that change has different dynamics North and South and is now impacting upon the historic colonial relationship between Britain and Ireland. And this is happening against the backdrop of our conflict resolution process. Free article

Commemoration, memory and history

29 April 2014

WHO remembers Slobodan Milosevic? He was a hero to some; to others he was ‘The Butcher of the Balkans’, the person who brought genocide and slaughter back to Europe after the Nazi atrocities earlier in the 20th century. Free article

Tá Fírinne na hÍoslainn Ró-Shearbh do RTÉ

29 April 2014

Bíonn an fhírinne searbh, mar deir an sean-fhocal, agus sampla maith de chruinneas an ráitis sin na scéal eacnamaíocht na hÍoslainne. Agus is fírinne í a rinne RTÉ a ndícheall a cheilt ar Prime Time ar na mallaibh. Free article

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Kevin Sharkey – sees the big picture

29 April 2014

Charles Saatchi, Whitney Huston, Matt Lucas, Courtney Love, Michael Portillo and Kate Moss have all bought his paintings – now Ireland’s most prolific artist tells JOHN HEDGES why he's joined Sinn Féin Free article

‘Spite’ Feamainne

29 April 2014

Tá sean-ráiteas i ngaeilge – ‘spite feamainne’ - a bhaineann le troid idir bheirt sa gcás go dtéann duine amháin isteach le feamainn a bhaint ar ‘straidhp’ atá fágtha go traidisiúnta ag duine eile, nó ag a gclann. San aimsir a caitheadh, b’uafásach an choir le déanamh é, nach raibh glacadh ar bith ag an bpobal leis, arbh ionann é agus gadaíocht ó do chomharsan. Bheadh sé ar chomhchéim le colg an Bull McCabe i ndráma cáiliúil John B. Keane, ‘The Field’. Free article

Fighting for an Ghaeilge at every level

29 April 2014

West Belfast MLA Rosie McCorley explains why Sinn Féin is backing Foras na Gaeilge proposals Premium service article

Lining out for the dark side

29 April 2014

AS COUNTIES across Ireland put the finishing touches to their championship preparations, 2014 is already raising new questions about our national games. Free article

World Cup summer of discontent

29 April 2014

AS BRAZIL gears up for the World Cup, they may be about to witness a reprise of last year’s mass protests against austerity that coincided with Brazil hosting the Confederations Cup. Free article

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