29 April 2014 Edition

A heroine of republican struggle

29 April 2014

Doing My Bit for Ireland. By Margaret Skinnider. Prologue by Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD Free article

Enemy of the Empire – Roger Casement

29 April 2014

Roger Casement. By Angus Mitchell, 16 Lives Series, O’Brien Press, €12.99 Premium service article

Drivers of the revolution

29 April 2014

Thomas Clarke. By Helen Litton and Seán Mac Diarmada. By Brian Feeney. 16 Lives series, by O’Brien Press Premium service article

Imagining Ireland

29 April 2014

AN ENGLISH TRAVELLER, a sort of anthropologist, comes across a ‘curious scene’ in the midst of lonely mountains at the close of the day. He scratches his head, mystified. Premium service article

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