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2 April 2012 Edition

Tears as Dáil hears horrors in Irish hospitals

2 April 2012

What Survivors of Symphysiotomy are seeking 1| The temporary lifting of the statute bar to enable women to seek redress through the courts. 2|The setting up of an independent commission of inquiry that is not controlled by vested interests. 3| Access to the health benefits and entitlements promised by Government in 2003 (many of which were subsequently withdrawn or never granted) to be placed on a statutory basis. Free article


2 April 2012

THIS Easter marks the 96th Anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising. The Rising saw the coming together of nationalists, republicans, language activists, trade unionists and the women’s movement in the cause of Irish freedom. It is a template for republicans today as we seek to build alliances in the cause of a united Ireland based on equality and social justice. Free article

New film by Tea Party darlings from Tyrone and Donegal is backing fracking

2 April 2012

TWO IRISH FILM-MAKERS and celebrity speakers at rallies for Tea Party neo-cons and climate change deniers in the USA are turning their fire on campaigners against the dangerous oil and gas exploration technique of ‘fracking’. Premium service article

Belfast City Council spearheads development plan

2 April 2012

AN INVESTMENT PROGRAMME committing Belfast City Council to a £150million economic package for the regeneration of the city is being hailed as “historic and ground-breaking” by Sinn Féin Councillor Deirdre Hargey. Free article

Start the fightback for rural Ireland

2 April 2012

RURAL IRELAND is under attack. The policies of austerity are stripping local communities of essential services — of schools, of guidance counsellors, hospitals, post offices and Garda stations. Free article

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Cardiac health deserves whole-hearted support

2 April 2012

THE RISK of fatality for sportspeople is something that needs to be talked about. That’s especially the case when it comes to our young. Free article

Ó Cuív faoi chinsireacht sna meáin

2 April 2012

CÉ GO RAIBH an teachta Dála, Éamon Ó Cuív, go mór sa nuaíocht le deireannas, mar gheall ar a chuid aimhris i leith an chonartha fhioscaigh agus an Aontais Eorpaigh, rinneadh neamhaird ar fad sna meáin ar an oráid Dála a thug sé ag míniú an tseasaimh a thóig sé. Free article

Hogan’s Household Headache

2 April 2012

THINGS are looking ominous in the state-of-the-art underground bunker buried beneath the Department of Environment offices at the Customs House in Dublin. Free article

Making Ireland a powerhouse of renewable energy

2 April 2012

MANY PEOPLE believe that renewable energy is a relatively new development in Ireland but water-powered grain mills were in use in Ireland in the third century and it was Irish monks living at Strangford Lough who are credited with inventing the tidal-powered grain mill in the seventh century. Free article

‘Unionists have nothing to fear’

2 April 2012

DECLAN KEARNEY’S ‘Uncomfortable Conversations’ article in the March issue of An Phoblacht (about post-conflict initiatives and reaching out to unionists) made headlines in the mainstream media. Most importantly, though, its sincere intent was appreciated by many people, unionists and non-unionists alike. Free article

The ‘tiger hunt’ mindset and shoot-to-kill

2 April 2012

NEW MATERIAL has become available which highlights the British military’s colonial approach to Ireland in 1969 under what it called ‘Operation Banner’. Free article

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