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30 September 2018 Edition

A living struggle

30 September 2018

There are three themes running through the second edition An Phoblacht magazine. They are the continuity of struggle across generations, the international dimension of radical republican politics and the political, social and economic crossroads the island of Ireland stands at today. Free article

The DUP have rejected the will of the people

30 September 2018

The result of the historic Repeal the 8th referendum in June is further evidence that Ireland is changing for the better and a new more compassionate country is emerging where all citizens - North and South - must be treated equally. Free article

Why haven’t we learned the lessons of corruption?

30 September 2018

Frank Connolly’s investigative journalism, published in the Sunday Business Post and a TV3 documentary led to two separate tribunals of inquiry being formed. His revelations led to a range of ministerial resignations including that of former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern. Here for An Phoblacht Connolly reflects on the events that led to the formation of the Flood and Morris Tribunals. Free article

Joe Reilly: Always looking on the bright side of life

30 September 2018

Last February I was a guest speaker at Meath Sinn Féin’s annual fundraising dinner. Joe Reilly was the guest of honour. He had just been told that he had terminal cancer. Joe’s advice when I asked him for some guidance on how I should approach my remarks that evening was typical Joe. Free article

A committed, dedicated and unrepentant revolutionary

30 September 2018

When you’re a child you take things for granted, the people you meet, the stories you hear, the memories you are making. Now as someone slightly older, I hold onto those memories, those stories and the people more than ever. Joe Reilly was one of those people, full of stories and a lifetime of memories. Free article

A 'death sentence' on truth and justice

30 September 2018

It's a scorching hot day in Dublin as a group of citizens crowd around the entrance of the small chapel in Mount Jerome Cemetery on Dublin's southside. They have gathered here to unveil an additional memorial to those who died in Mother and Baby Homes and were buried in unmarked graves within the cemetery grounds. Free article

Gaza is an open air prison

30 September 2018

We need to tackle the Achilles’ heel of the occupation – and challenge head on any corporate assets, interests or activities profiting from illegal occupation Free article

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That ‘banned’ visit to Palestine

30 September 2018

As Ardmhéara Bhaile Átha Cliath Mícheál Mac Donncha made an official visit to Palestine which the Israeli state tried and failed to stop. Here he describes that visit. ‘Israel plays blame game over typo that let Dublin Lord Mayor barred over BDS to enter’, so ran the headline in Haaretz, the Israeli daily newspaper on Friday 13 April 2018. It was indeed an unlucky day for the Israeli government as their plans to block me from entering Palestine backfired. Free article

Forging a Republic of Equals through Feminist Struggle

30 September 2018

100 years after women gained the right to vote, it seems Ireland stands at a gender equality crossroad Free article

Public housing is the answer

30 September 2018

Our housing system is broken. Since Fine Gael took office in 2011, the number of people living in emergency accommodation has increased by a shocking 319%. Even more startling is the increase in child homelessness, up an astonishing 496%. Free article

New Spanish government brings little joy for Catalans and Basques

30 September 2018

Spain’s new minority Socialist Workers Party government has taken steps to defuse tensions in Catalonia and the Basque Country, but remains firmly opposed to allowing any form of national self-determination. Free article

“We are part of a living struggle”

30 September 2018

“It is 37 years later and Paddy has finally come across the threshold of Leinster House.” This was the greeting of Sinn Féin president Mary Lou MacDonald TD to former H-Block POW Paddy Agnew. Free article

Time to rededicate ourselves to the future challenges

30 September 2018

The hunger strike demonstrated the power of the individual, acting within a collective movement to uphold the integrity of political struggle Free article

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