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25 March 2010 Edition

Sick Government turns slightly Greener

25 March 2010

Brian Cowen this week made a few adjustments to his Cabinet in a reshuffle that will do nothing to revive an ailing government, except to tie the Greens closer to the Coalition. They were awarded with another junior ministry as a consolation for their expected wipe-out in the next General Election. Free article

Bloody Sunday and the propaganda war

25 March 2010

One of the questions those seeking the truth about Bloody Sunday will hope that the long awaited Saville Report will address, is the role of misinformation and propaganda, not only in the subsequent attempts to cover up what happened in Derry on that day, but also in creating the kind of mindset that prompted the ensuing atrocity perpetuated by British paratroopers. Free article

Long journey home

25 March 2010

GERRY ADAMS, in his Léargas online blog (leargas.blogspot.com) on 18 March, reflected on the success of his recent visit to the United States Free article

Sinn Féin's proposals to tackle youth unemployment

25 March 2010

Sinn Féin Senator Pearse Doherty on Friday launched a set of proposals aimed at tackling the problem of youth unemployment.Senator Doherty said, if implemented, Sinn Féin's proposals would get 50,000 people under the age of 25 off the dole immediately and create many more jobs in the years ahead. The proposals include a specific youth jobs fund, measures to facilitate self employment and a focus on growth sectors such as digital media, tourism, green jobs and agri-food. Free article


What Easter means for Belfast republicans

25 March 2010

Easter Sunday is the most sacred date in the republican calendar, when Ireland's patriot dead are remembered with pride across the country and throughout the world. In advance of this year's Belfast Easter parade and commemoration, Liam Shannon, the Chairman of the National Graves Association, spoke about the importance of Easter to Irish republicans and the preparations for this year's parade. Free article

Basque Abertzale Left calls for commitment to democratic process

25 March 2010

Following the fatal shooting of a French police officer in Dammarie-les-Lys near Paris on Tuesday 16 March, the Basque Abertzale Left expressed its sorrow for the incident and called on ETA and the Spanish and French states to make clear commitments to reviving the democratic process. Free article

1916 Easter Rising Commemorations 2010

25 March 2010

For inclusion in next weeks An Phoblacht details or changes to Easter commemorations should be sent to: Mary McArdle, [email protected]. Free article

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