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25 March 2010 Edition

50th anniversary of Sharpeville

25 March 2010

South Africans have marked the 50th anniversary of the Sharpeville massacre by joining a commemorative rally in the town's stadium that was addressed by the country's Deputy President, Kgalema Motlanthe. On 21 March 1960 in the township, the apartheid regime's police officers opened fire on an unarmed demonstration of thousands of black South Africans protesting against discriminatory laws, in particular the pass system that controlled travel and employment. Sixty-nine people were shot dead, most of them in the back as they were fleeing the gunfire; at least 180 more were wounded. Free article

The Gerry Kelly Show!

25 March 2010

"A brilliant night"; "fantastic"; "the best evening's entertainment I have had in years"; "people and politics and life - a great mix." "A big thank-you to the organisers!" These were just a few of the comments from some of the members of the large audience in St Kevin's Hall, North Belfast, last Sunday night, when Sinn Féin executive minister Gerry Kelly hosted a 'chat show' like no other. Free article

Another View by Eoin Ó Broin

25 March 2010

RTE wants to know who is Ireland's greatest person? They want to know so much they have decided to run a series of surveys, online polls and TV programmes to resolve the matter. First off they commissioned MRBI to poll 1,000 men and 1,000 women. The result was a shortlist of 40 people, which can be read at www.rte.ie/tv/irelandsgreatest/ Free article

From injury to insult - the tragedy of Thalidomide

25 March 2010

Thalidomide was a drug developed in Germany in the late 1950s by a company called Chemie Grünenthal and it was taken by pregnant women as, amongst its effects, it was said to help relieve 'morning sickness'. In 1959 the drug went on sale in Ireland but just two years later it was identified as the cause of disabilities amongst babies born to women who took the drug. The drug could be bought over the counter in Ireland and it was not withdrawn here until seven months after the threat it posed was identified. Free article

Without a passport or a paddle

25 March 2010

There was shock and horror across Ireland last week as it became apparent the 26-County government's strategy for economic recovery was being stymied because civil servants are refusing to help people emigrate. Hundreds of jobless people, with their PhDs in their backpockets, lined up alongside hopeful holidaymakers outside the passport office on Molesworth Street in Dublin hoping desperately that they would be one of the lucky ones to escape. Free article

Remembering the Past: The first Easter Rising commemoration

25 March 2010

The first commemoration of the 1916 Easter Rising was held in Dublin at Easter 1917 and was an act of defiance of British military rule. Many republicans were still in jail a year after the Rising and the city was full of British troops. The Defence of the Realm Act imposed strict censorship and public assembly was severely restricted. Free article


25 March 2010

Ní dóigh go raibh lucht eagraithe Bhronnadh Duaiseanna Ghlór na nGael ag súil, ná ag dúil na sluaite a chruinnigh i Halla na Cathrach oíche Shatharn seo chuaigh thart ach mura raibh, rinneadh spás agus cuireadh fáilte chroíúil roimh chách a tháinig, breis agus 300 san iomlán a chruinnigh le ceiliúradh a dhéanamh ar bhua An Droichead i gcomórtas 2009. Free article

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