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26 May 2005 Edition

Crash landing for Aer Lingus

26 May 2005

We don't when, how or to whom, but Aer Lingus is up for sale. We do know why. The Fianna Fáil/Progressive Democrats Government are unable to run the national airline, unable to develop an all-Ireland strategy for the airline industries which covers not just airlines, but includes airports, service companies, engineering and aeronautical industries, hotels and related industries. Free article

Sinn Féin TDs reject privatisation plans for Aer Lingus

26 May 2005

Sinn Féin this week has sued its private members time to allow TDs in the Dáil to debate the proposed privatisation of Aer Lingus, the national airline. Speaking during Tuesday evening's debate on Sinn Féin's Private Members Motion, Seán Crowe, the party's spokesperson on Transport, said "privatisation will not work for Aer Lingus". Free article

All mandates must be respected

26 May 2005

Ever since Sinn Féin entered electoral politics, we have been lectured on the principles of democracy by the two governments and all of the other parties on this island. At every juncture in the Peace Process, it has been stated mainly by unionists but acquiesced to by the governments and the other parties, that they will only co-operate with democratic parties, as if they had the copyright on democracy. Free article

Hamill Inquiry gets underway

26 May 2005

The inquiry into the killing of Portadown Catholic Robert Hamill opened in Craigavon on Tuesday. The inquiry follows the recommendation of Canadian Judge Peter Cory, who had been tasked to probe a number of controversial killings by the British and Dublin Governments. Over 100 witnesses are expected to give evidence when the hearing begins in Belfast in November. Free article

Time for Ahern to rein in McDowell

26 May 2005

Fianna Fáil might think it's clever to have Minister for Injustice Michael McDowell acting as their Witchfinder General against republicans, but it may now be time for them to rein in McDowell, as his increasingly off-the-wall approach can only wreak havoc as efforts continue to rebuild the Peace Process. This was very clear in the Dáil on Tuesday, when the Taoiseach differed significantly from McDowell on a key Peace Process issue - Six-County representation in the Oireachtas. Free article


Members of Congress protest visa denial

26 May 2005

A large number of US Congressional Members have expressed their anger at the US State Department's decision to deny Sinn Féin representative Rita O'Hare a visa waiver for a trip to the US this week. O'Hare was to travel with Sinn Féin Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness to meet with members of the US Government administration, Congress and Irish American organisations. Free article

Sinn Féin dismisses IMC Report

26 May 2005

The IMC's latest report lacks credibility says Sinn Féin. The report, published in Belfast on Tuesday, welcomed Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams' recent appeal to the IRA but claimed that the IRA was still recruiting members and training them "in the use of firearms and explosives". The report also alleged the IRA was involved in criminal activity. Free article

Attempts to wreck process cannot be allowed succeed

26 May 2005

Speaking on Monday ahead of a two-day visit to Washington and New York, Sinn Féin Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness said that DUP attempts to wreck the Peace Process must not succeed. Free article

Wave of sectarian attacks

26 May 2005

A wave of sectarian attacks in the Six Counties has fuelled fears of a unionist paramilitary campaign of intimidation as the marching season approaches. The UDA has been blamed for a series of attacks on Catholic cars and homes over the weekend. Free article

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