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26 May 2005 Edition

Taking the fifth

26 May 2005

On 5 May, Conor Murphy made history by taking the fifth Westminster seat for Sinn Féin, in Newry/Armagh, with a massive 8,000 more votes than his nearest rival, the SDLP's Dominic Bradley. Last week, An Phoblacht's JOANNE CORCORAN met with Conor to ask him how he managed to return almost 21,000 votes for Sinn Féin in a traditionally SDLP area. Free article

Quality on show in Thurles

26 May 2005

In Thurles on Sunday, Waterford confirmed that last year's defeat of Cork in the Munster Final was no aberration. Despite doubts over two of their key players, Ken McGrath and Paul Flynn, they pushed the All-Ireland Champions to the limit and might have won, had it not been for the manner in which Cork reacted, in particular a brilliant goal from Brian Corcoran at a stage when Waterford had gone five points ahead early in the second half. Free article

Are capitalism and democracy mutually exclusive?

26 May 2005

"We do not live - and I trust it will never be the fate of this country to live -- under a democracy." It is a reminder of how fragile, and how new, a concept democracy is that it less than 150 years since British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli made this statement of assurance to the House of Commons in London. Free article

Bolger visits the twilight years

26 May 2005

Dermot Bolger's novel is probably best described as fitting into the genre known as 'faction' - fiction based on real characters and events. As he explains in the postscript, Bolger was inspired to write the book by conversations he had with Sheila Fitzgerald, formerly Goold-Verschoyle, who is Eva, the novel's central character. Free article

Israel's dishonourable deal

26 May 2005

This is an insightful book by an American diplomat who worked for over two decades with Palestinian and Israeli parties to help construct the Middle East Peace Process. Like the Irish Peace Process, however, it has now become bogged down in seemingly interminable wrangling instead of getting on to deal with the substantive issues of national rights and sovereignty. Free article

Na Préacháin

26 May 2005

Since the days of Cúchulainn, the crow has never really been one of our favourite birds, writes AN DRAOI RUA Free article

Imirciú - Díshaothrú na n-oibrithe uile a leathnú

26 May 2005

Immigration is a major issue that has arisen within the last seven years in Ireland as part of its unprecedented economic growth. While often presented as benign multi-culturalism, the real reason for immigration is quite simple. It is to make the labour market more competitive, which is entirely to the benefit of unscrupulous employers. In short, it amounts to another process of the cynical use of working-class people, be they of Irish or immigrant background. Free article

The Fifth Column

26 May 2005

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Read on... Free article

Three Volunteers killed in Coagh - Remembering the Past

26 May 2005

Shortly before 7.30am, on 3 June 1991, three Volunteers of Tyrone Brigade, who were on active service, drove towards Coagh village from the direction of Moneymore. In the commandeered red Vauxhall Cavalier they carried two weapons. Free article

Duirt siad

26 May 2005

The week in qoutes. Free article

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