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1 September 2015 Edition

Éigeandáil Otharchairr faoin dTuath

1 September 2015

TÁ FRUSTRACHAS ar phobail tuaithe ar fud na hÉireann maidir leis na seirbhísí otharchairr a bhíonn ar fáil in am práinne agus an easpa áird atá dhá fhail ón Rialtas ina leith seo. Premium service article

Recovery? Maybe but who paid the price?

1 September 2015

With youth unemployment still running at 20% and with many thousands living abroad in emigration, people here crushed by personal debt, mortgage arrears, job losses, lower wages and higher taxes, it is hard for many to take this nonsense of ‘economic recovery’ seriously Free article

The bravery of the prisoners and the people

1 September 2015

“THE BRAVERY of the people on the streets matched that of the prisoners in the H-Blocks during the Hunger Strike year of 1981,” Jim Gibney told An Phoblacht’s Peadar Whelan on Thursday 20 August, the 34th anniversary of Michael Devine’s death and just days before the annual Hunger Strike Commemoration in Dundalk, County Louth. Free article

The human rights elephant in our nation’s room

1 September 2015

ON 10 AUGUST, a young boy celebrated his eighth birthday with his family in a Direct Provision accommodation centre for asylum seekers. It is the only home that he has ever known since he was born in Ireland eight years ago. Free article

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Sue the people!

1 September 2015

‘Every person has a right to protect their good name and reputation. This protection includes taking legal action’ – Denis O’Brien, 2012 Premium service article

Dublin’s new Mayor – Críona Ní Dhálaigh

1 September 2015

ON 30 JUNE, Críona Ní Dhálaigh became the first-ever Sinn Féin ‘Lord Mayor’ of Dublin City to take office (Tom Kelly was the first for Sinn Féin, elected on 30 January 1920, but he was interned in England). However, Críona won’t be using that title. Premium service article

Unpaid work should not be allowed to become the norm

1 September 2015

IN FEBRUARY of this year, a collection of activists from different trade unions, Sinn Féin, the Connolly Youth Movement and the Unite Youth Activist Group formed ‘Work Must Pay’ in response to the JobBridge scheme. Free article

Dr Kathleen Lynn

1 September 2015

ONE of the most prominent and significant women of the 1916 Rising who went on to play a lifelong progressive role in Ireland was Dr Kathleen Lynn. Free article

Baintear leas polaitiuil anois as tacaíocht an phobail don Ghaeilge

1 September 2015

NÍ THUGANN na páirtithe bunaíochta aon aird air, is ní thugann na meáin ach an oiread, ach léiríonn an suirbhée is deireannaí faoi dhearcadh an phobail i leith na Gaeilge go gcreideann móramh an phobail san oilean ar fad go mbeadh féiniúlacht na tire caillte dá n-imeódh an Ghaeilge – 64% ó dheas agus 33% ó thuaidh ( mar gheall ar an seasamh oscailte diúltach ag na páirtithe Aontachta. Free article

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