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30 November 2006 Edition

IRIS the republican magazine

30 November 2006

OUT NOW and selling out quickly Free article

Early Christmas panto at Stormont

30 November 2006

It was a tale of one chamber, two sittings, a gunman, a putative rebellion and a very confused political situation. Last Friday all eyes were on the white haired octogenarian dressed in a dark pin striped suit most favoured by barristers performing in a court room. Free article

OPINION: Policing issue of key strategic importance

30 November 2006

If it wasn't so potentially serious, Michael Stone's assault on Stormont was almost laughable. A man getting stuck in a revolving door at the entrance of the building waving a gun about and being swatted by two security guards. In Stone's case, his motivation was probably self publicity. No doubt his 'art' will be selling an extra hundred pounds an item following his latest political theatre. Free article

Mary Nelis

30 November 2006

It was a situation made for the conspiracy theorist. The big man, the man of God, the consummate politician, the champion of fundamentalist Protestantism, had just refused to nominate for something he has wanted all his life -- to be first Minister of 'Northern Ireland.' Free article

Feature: Irish Government signs accord to build nuclear fusion facility in France

30 November 2006

Last week the Irish government, alongside 30 other governments signed an accord to build a new nuclear reactor in Cadarache in France based on the concept of nuclear fusion. The agreement signed in Paris is of huge importance. It is the biggest scientific project since the international space station. While it must be acknowledged from the offset that nuclear fusion is completely different to the nuclear fission technology, commonly used the world over and which poses real and significant threats to the health, safety and wellbeing of humankind should there ever be another Chernobyl-style accident, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor is not without problems and danger of its own. Free article

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30 November 2006

Eliminating poverty for Sinn Féin is not a mere sound bite -- it is one of our core objectives. That is where we differ from other parties and it is why we will face the ideological wrath of those opposed to any form of fundamental social change or wealth redistribution. Free article

Cúlchaint - le Seán ó Donaile

30 November 2006

Bhí brionglóid ait agam aréir. Bhí mé ar ais sa seomra gorm, bhí mé ceithre bliana d'aois agus rinneadh oighear den uisce sna píopaí; bhí smugairle ar ár srón is bhí mo dheartháir ag gearán mar bhí bealach druidte chuig an doras le mo stocaí salacha. Free article

Letter to the Taoiseach By Barry McElduff

30 November 2006

NB - Bertie Ahern can be contacted on (00353) 1 6194020 or email [email protected]. Address: Office of the Taoiseach, Government Buildings, Dublin 2 Free article

The Matt Treacy Ciolumn

30 November 2006

The All Star awards have been announced and not one of you got the teams right. I am that ashamed of you that I will be trying to come up with a suitable punishment. A season ticket for Newbridge, if such a thing exists, or perhaps a couple of training sessions with Ger Loughnane and the Galway hurlers in January. Or a fishing holiday in Fermanagh. In December. By God, that'll smarten up your ideas. Free article

Comhionannas Comharthaíochta

30 November 2006

D'eagraigh Conradh na Gaeilge léirsiú lasmuigh de Theach Laighean chun comhionannas a fháil ar chomharthaí tráchta ar fud na tíre Dé Máirt seo caite. Bhí léirsithe eile ar siúl ag an am céanna lasmuigh d'oifig an Aire Iompair, Martin Cullen, i bPort Láirge agus lasmuigh d'Oifig an Aire Gaeltachta, Éamon Ó Cuív, i nGaillimh mar chuid den bhfeachtas úd. Baineann na léirsithe seo le feachtas an Chonartha níos mó comhionannais a chur i bhfeidhm idir an Ghaeilge agus an Béarla sa chomharthaíocht oifigiúil. Free article

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