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30 November 2006 Edition

Policing: There can be no role for MI5

30 November 2006

I want to welcome Ian Paisley's commitment to take up the post of First Minister and to share power with Sinn Féin once outstanding issues are resolved, and if the electorate so decide. I do not underestimate the challenge this is for Sinn Féin and for many republicans and nationalists. Nor do I underestimate the challenge a power-sharing arrangement presents for Mr Paisley and the DUP. Free article

Collusion - No more British excuses

30 November 2006

An Oireachtas report published on Wednesday evening points to British collusion with unionist paramilitary death squads involved in a series of bombings and murder in the 1970s. Free article

EU report: "Serious concern" at CIA stop-overs at Irish airports

30 November 2006

Sinn Féin has again called on the Irish Government to refuse the use of Irish airports and airspace to all planes associated with the United States' rendition programme. The call follows the publication of a report from a European Union Committee which exposed the 26 Counties as the third most culpable EU state having hosted 147 secret CIA flights. The 26 Counties is one of 11 EU states strongly criticised by the EU Parliament committee. Free article

British finally legislating to end Diplock Court system

30 November 2006

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Justice issues Gerry Kelly said on Tuesday that he was satisfied that the British Government was now finally legislating to bring about an end to the Diplock Court system in the North. Kelly's comments came as he prepared to meet the Independent Reviewer of repressive legislation, in Stormont. Free article


Restoring the institutions: McGuinness accepts Deputy First Minister nomination

30 November 2006

The day had been billed as a significant if transitional milestone during which the two largest parties, the DUP and Sinn Féin would indicate their nomination of the First and Deputy First Minister. Free article

Gun and bomb attack at Stormont

30 November 2006

"Madness," said the banner headline of the Belfast Newsletter. The actions of a "lunatic" proclaimed PSNI Chief Constable Hugh Orde, " a sad publicity stunt by a very sad individual". A "farce" concluded the Irish News. A "Walter Mitty character," a narcissus "in love with himself as much as the limelight", said the Sunday Tribune. Free article

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